Monday, December 31, 2007

QotD: NYE 2008

Who is ringing in the New Year with you?  Who do you wish could be with you, but isn't there?

Just the immediate family is here and a friend of my husbands with his two kids. I'd love to have a big party some year.. but this isn't the year.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Santa has been here and soon we will be getting up to go to mass at dawn. Then off to spend the day with family!

Travel Safely and have a Blessed day!!

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Monday, December 24, 2007

QotD: Treats for Santa

What treats do the kids in your family leave out for Santa?  What treats did you leave for him as a child?

I don't think we left anything special, beyond cookies, and I think we let Santa get his own milk from the fridge.

  We have carrots on hand now a days for the horses, so besides leaving Santa a snack and some milk in a special mug, we will also leave some carrots for the reindeer and we will remember to sprinkle magic reindeer food (oatmeal and glitter) out this year.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

QotD: Education, Occupation

What was your major or field of study in college? Did you wind up working in that field or using that degree? If not, what field have you wound up in? 
Submitted by sneuf

I have two AS and a BS, all in horse/equestrian/equine science. I have my own horses (a mare and a pony gelding) and two boarders on property, I take care of all four. But really it isnt a job in my field. I am officially a SAHM and thats what I really want to be. the horsey stuff is extra.

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The home sweet home of food

We tend to make spaghetti with jarred sauce at our house. I like the chunky vegetable sauces. And I dont make those myself. Last night we didn't have any jar sauce, but I had all teh ingredients to make the sauce my Mom has always made growing up.  The simple sauce that she learned to make from Big Grandma, my dad's paternal grandmother, whose mother was Italian (her father was French, and she apparently had a temper to beat all)

It isn't hard to make, brown some butter toss in garlic and chopped onion to saute, smash the garlic once its soft [add cooked ground beef if you want, and diced tomato if you like, (or any other extras that sound good)] add  two cans of tomato paste and equal amounts of water, then toss in spices, rosemary, parsley, oregano and basil, (I grind them with the mortar and pestle) bring to a bubbling then turn down to simmer.

No big deal to make. I forgot how much I like it, it is the Home Sweet Home of food for me.  Every Italian dish ever made at our house from Big Grandma's recipes started the same way, brown butter and saute garlic. Ah yummy. I'm going to have the leftovers for brunch.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

QotD: My Holiday Wishlist

What's on your holiday wishlist?

*sigh* a working car, I wrecked mine on the slick unplowed county road we live on last friday. We just bought it used in September. And I was quite happy with it. It could be fixed if we had any money at all. :( I'm feeling a little sorry for myself right now. Thankfully only the car was hurt, and I know some great people who are willing to pitch in to get the kids to school.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Autumn is really gone...

It all held on so long here this year.

We had that crazy heat wave, many trees did not turn in early October like usual. This year rather than a rush to be naked, the trees seemed to take time letting each leaf turn to full glory before finally letting it go,  they lingered languidly. There was no cold snap to push a hasty color change, and there was no crazy rain or wind storm to rip the leaves from their moorings prematurely.  The trees changed slowly, the color blending together, and the leaves clinging to the trees until the last possible moments. For weeks the clear yellows, bright scarlets, and rusty oranges mingled with the mauve burgundies  and   tawny caramels.  I think every autumn is spectacular, I love the crisp air, and the leaves turning into a riot of colors and falling into the windy dance of autumn. This year was extra special, the long drawn out color that held on until Thanksgiving. Even now there are a few bushes in town, that are clinging to a few scarce leaves.

Winter is here. The air is no longer crisp, it is biting cold, and more often than not the ground is frozen and so are the water troughs. We have already had a small snow,  it was wet cold and beautiful. And we have had an ice storm, it was cold windy and scary.  Plus we are expecting a little snow today, an inch or two. I feel it this year. The Christmas Spirit. I feel it in the air, it is almost tangible. I don't have any idea what presents I'm getting anyone, nor do I have the money to get them yet, but it doesn't matter. I feel the spirit in the air.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Taking the trash out is the husband's job.

Growing up there are certain jobs that fell to my Dad. My Mother never did them. Taking the trash out,  putting gas in the car and mowing the lawn, are the few I think of as really being the husbands job.

I put gas in my own car, If I waited for my husband to do it, I'd be waiting on the side of the road. He laughed the first time I suggesting he gas up the car while he was home so I would not have to do it the next day. (yep, I deserved that laugh, and the following line, he drive it you fill it)

If the lawn gets really really unruly, I will mow the front, that faces the road so the house doesn't look abandoned, but mowing aggravates my allergies something fierce. So I try to beg off and not have to do any mowing at all.

The garbage. I will remove it from the house and toss it in the mini dumpster, but really, I don't like to do it, trash bags and cling wrap have the uncanny ability to outwit me and make me completely crazy. My husband has not been home on trash day for 3 weeks, and he always looks in the full trash can after a stretch like that and says why did you take this out? To which my answer accompanied with a guilty face is, "I remembered at 5 til 6 when I heard the truck outside and I know I cant get down the drive that fast."

This week I thought about taking out the drive on Sunday night, but that was as I fell asleep on the couch. So at 6am I awoke, not having heard the truck and thought I'd just roll it around front and down the hill(rather than down the long slick driveway)

Big Error in Judgment.  I should have gone down the drive I had time.  At the top of the hill that is the front corner of the yard I realized the crunchy icy grass underfoot was also slick. I said out loud to no one in particular "Oh great dead man's hill" Then I took one small careful stupid step.BIGGER ERROR IN JUDGMENT.  I heard an icky sounding pop as my left leg careened out from under me, and the mini dumpster whacked me in the back of the head shoving me down the hill. (I know I said it, and invited trouble, how stupid was I?)  My first thought was OOOOWWWWWW!! followed by "if I missed the truck and broke myself for no reason I am going to be sooo angry." Followed by, the realization that I could not just sit on the ground and wait for the garbage men to come scrape me up, I had to pick up the trash and go in to get the kids ready for school.  I catiously got up gimped around and pulled the trash to the end of the drive. and hobbled pathetically up the drive. I was almost to eh door when the truck pulled up for the trash.

I do believe I sprained or pulled something, and I am treating it as such, with the exception of staying off it entirely.  It is better today but not great.

It will heal I will live, but I will not take the trash out anymore.

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QotD: Holiday Shopping

Did you shop for great deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?  Or did you observe Buy Nothing Day?

I cant say I observed Buy Nothing Day strictly on purpose, I didn't, I purchased gas on my way home from my parents house. But I have no desire to squelch my own Christmas Spirit by going out at an obscene hour to be shoved and glared at by other shoppers who are possitive that if I pick up what they are eyeing it will undoubtedly ruin their holidays. We stayed in watched the Santa Parade. Then we went to the indoor pool. And  we finished the day with a movie. It was fabulous.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

I got angry and stopped shopping at Walmart...

In July, a super Walmart opened in our city, the older, smaller, and quite adequate for the size of our city Walmart closed.  The fact is our city isnt big enough to support the new store and everything we have now. Plus there is a Menards going in, we already have a Lowes, and a smaller  Do-It-Center (the kind of place where they actually know what they are talking about and can special order you something if you need it.) I think something has to give, my guess is it will be one of the other grocery stores, possibly the one that shared the old Walmart building. And the Do-It-Center.

While this all annoyed me, the other sad fact is our town needed the new jobs that came with the expanded Walmart. We have had two major employers leave in the last few years.  I figured I would still frequent Walmart for some items, and then I went in. We have no fabric department in our Walmart. None. No fabric, no thread, no zippers, no bias tape. Pretty much nothing. I went in for yarn. Guess what? the good selection of well priced yarns? gone. there is a tiny selection of funfur yarns and that is it. No solid colors, nothing you can do more than make a novelty scarf or furry flip flops with, a pathetic selection.  All the adult crafting items are gone. Nothing left but "kiddie crafts" 

They have an entire aisle of sewing machines. Now why on earth would I want to buy a sewing machine from a store where there is quite conceivably, not a single employee who knows how to use one, and cant answer a single question about them. I wouldn't.

I have heard a couple reasons why there is no fabric department. It doesn't fit with their "new image." OR that they had too big a hassle with the employees who covered the frabric department employees breaks, being unhappy they didnt get the same extra pay for covering the fabric department as  the fabric department employees got. (I'm thinking the jump in pay scale to work in the fabric department cant be that great, and so the people covering fabric are quibbling over a dime possibly?) I'm not impressed.

And I'm still really annoyed. So I stopped shopping at Walmart. My problem now is I need a pair of jeans, guess where I bought my current favorite pair? That's right. Walmart. I hate every pair Target and Kmart have to offer and I'm not paying $40 or more on a pair of jeans. I'm just not. I know, you get what you pay for. but I cant justify $40 for a pair of jeans when I can pay $20 and be happy. And have $20 for gas or groceries.

 I'm still angry. I don't even want to go into their parking lot. Much less the store. Do you suppose if I wish on the evening star  some really comfortable jeans will just fall out of the sky?

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QotD: Computer Recycling

Have you ever recycled an old computer or laptop?  Where did you take it, and what steps did you take to protect your personal information?

We never have recycled a computer, we treat them a lot like cars, we use them to death,  literally until they quit working. We don't buy a new one until we absolutely have to. At wich point it always causes some financial hardship to have to get a new one. :P

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Friday, November 16, 2007

How sad is it that I haven't made a single post in all of November

I'll admit I'm a little flighty, and kinda scatter-brained, and I really have the best posting intentions.. but dang it all, some nights its all I can do to read some of my neighbors posts between being Mom and having some quiet time with the adults on the TV...  I want to actually put some thoughts out  there. I can't remember my last post.  nothing in the second half of October. Bah!

Week before last I had the flu for an entire week.. sore stiff neck and back, a headache that would make a bull elephant cry, and ever since I have been off. i am grouchy and irritable, and really it isnt time for pms...  It worries me. Like should I go to the Doctor and ask about anti-depressant medications worried.  Aside from that thought I'm not displaying any other classic depression symptoms. (Yes I slept extra while I was sick, but that was not unusual)

I feel like a mad woman this week. (mad in both senses of the word) and I dont like it. 

Besides looking into some herbal remedies I think I will get back to the Y, and set aside some craft and clay time for a bit everyday while the kids are at school.I'm hoping this will jump me out this crummy feeling.. or make to tired to be grouchy, grouchiness takes too much energy. :P

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

And they wonder why 11 year-olds are having sex...

Could it have to do with this? We let our children watch a clean kids movie, like High School Musical. And then they will want the CD but out by Ashley, which contains this song song about sex, complete with heavy breathing and  a sleazy video and insinuating lyrics.

" One night with you, boy just one night with you,
All the things we could do,
Every day i think of

One night with you
no one else but us two
All our dreams would come true
If we'd just get together

Maybe I can see us moving like that.
Maybe I can see us touching like that.
Baby I can see us kissing like that.
We don't need no more that he said she said.
Maybe I can see us moving like that.
Maybe I can see us touching like that.
Baby I can see us kissing' like that.
We don't need no more that he said she said.

You're gonna like it
You're gonna want it
You're gonna like it
We don't need no more that he said she said.
You're gonna like it
You're gonna want it
You're gonna like it
We don't need no more that he said she said.

Does Ashley or Disney not care at all about their innocent fans? the 5th graders who think Ashley is their role model and want to be "just like her"? Do parents not listen to the music they buy for the kids? Do they not watch the DVD's with them???

What the Bloody Flaming Heck????

Why are 11 year olds having sex? Because we are letting Ashley(and a host of other musicians)  tell them its ok, its fun, its a dream come true.

We as a society are letting the media tell 11 year-olds that sex is the end all be all of being alive.  We are letting the media tell US that our lives should revolve around sex. And if you dont have a sex life you dont have a life!!!!! Why are we letting the media feed us this garbage?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

QotD: Halloween Costume Prep

Have you figured out what your (or your kids') Halloween costume will be this year?  What's it going to be?

After months of telling me they want to be last years costumes,which can be seen here.  And which need tune-ups, they changed their minds entirely. They both want to be tractors.Green John Deere Tractors.

Wish me LUCK!! I haven't puzzled out exactly how to make tractors yet.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

would you like a blood sample too?

I have a mild cold, and since I usually suffer seasonal allergies during all four seasons, I use psudephedrine when claratin alone doesn't cover it.

I ran out and needed more. I would have bought dayquil for the cold, but they changed the formula because of the circus act that is now required to purchase products with phuedophedrine in them. It is a 30 minute ordeal to buy decongestant. When you have a cold and a sinus headache that 30 minutes is a serious pain in the sinuses.

No matter what size box you buy, you can only buy one box. So, if they are out of everything but the box of 12 brand name sudafed that sells for an arm and a leg you are just hosed you can only buy that 1 box, and then you have to buy more later (like days later). If everyone in your house is sick at once and you run out of all medications? you are just seriously hosed. (I guess you could take the kids' cold medicine)

Next they will want a blood sample and a urine dip when you try to purchase psuedophedrine. Frankly, I think it might take less time.

I have news for the government , anyone who wants to cook meth will find a way around all these safe guards, they always do.  always. All that this accomplishes is making people who actually need medicine crazy. I think the only chance they have of halting this is to actually made inert anhydrous ammonia, and I'm hoping if/when they actually do figure it out  they will dispense with the dog and pony show required to buy decongestant. But I dont believe they will.

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Monday, October 8, 2007

QotD: Organ Donation

Are you a registered organ donor?  Why or why not? 
Submitted by jacolily.

  I certainly am. I wont be needing any of it when I'm gone. If my Family wants to keep enough of me to bury and have a funeral with they are welcome to it, but they know I expect them to donate my organs.

I have been wrapping my mind around saying yes to the question if, God forbid it isn't me. I want to say that in my grief  I would still be able to make the decision to donate organs from my husband or children, but I can be quite selfish and I'm a saver and hoarder by nature, I hope I can get past it if I need to.

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Its 90F in my kitchen...

And so using the oven is out of the question. Nah, I'm not upset that I can cook or bake.. I dont care much for either.

But I can't clay, and its really getting on my nerves. I just had a birthday and my Mom and Dad got me three books in a polymer clay sculpture series. Cute whimsical things, Dragons, Jungley things and Under the Sea, all incorporate cool claying techniques and wiring in gems and beads.

 I wanted the Jungle one badly, It has an adorable tree frog in it I want to make for my Mother (yep the same one who gave me the book as a gift)  I have the blue clay to make her a blue frog. (A blue frag as in the song " I'm in love with a big Blue frog...") I successfully left the Jungle book at home last weekend so I could show her the cool stuff in the other books without giving her a hint about the frog.... I'm sneaky aren't I?

Her birthday is the 19th, plenty of time to play if the temp would drop. Except, the temperature will not drop and its too hot to clay, Plus, we are having my Brother's Birthday party tomorrow, and My sister in law thought we should just throw Mom's in there too.... Cries.. I so wanted to have this done...

And my hands itch, literally to play with clay and try some of the cool things in my new books. (I have two other books too, bought with birthday money.) There are so many things to try!! When I read the books my hands actually itch with wanting to do something creative.

I had to curb the need somehow... and Thursday a thought flew though my head.. a random chance thought. I have a friend who is due in a few days.. and feels like she could give birth any second.  We were talking about keeping babies warm in carseats with blankies and snowsuits and all that. I remember the car seat cover being so much easier than a snowsuit, and I felt safer too not so much bulk in there than you couldn't find the baby to be sure they would not slip out of the snowsuit and the buckles in an accident. For the second of my boys I made a polar fleece cover, the kind they laid in and you could zip closed around them.  once in the car we could unzip it after the car warmed up.  their legs stayed covered in it and they wore a little jacket on top with a hat and mittens. It was a good setup, no baby needs to have on a snowsuit and three blankets when we only need a normal coat on.  (I'm off track, sorry)

So I offered to make a cover for my friend, I have some lovely periwinkle blue polar fleece, I have had it for awhile and I have only used a little. (I am trying to use and not hoard so much stuff) And I offered the little coat my boys wore, its a cute little navy blue fleece jacket, with a red checkered inside and a cute hat.

 Then I started to think.... I'm so dangerous when I think.... I was thinking a little girl should have a girly little coat, not a navy blue boy's hand me down.  So I took my piece of periwinkle polar fleec to the store and picked out  a cute floral piece of fabric to match it.  And I set my itchy hands to work.....

And I feel much better.....

Much Much better. I hope she likes it!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sometimes I wonder what these people are like in real life...

I have been clicking around on for the last couple days looking for answers to a few questions. Why did the creepy coach on CSI Miami look so familiar? And the Swimmers mother too? As well as what has happened to Greg Wiggle, and Is Holly Marie Combs doing a current project?

And the answers to these questions are The creepy coach is Brian Krause who played Leo on Charmed.

The swimmers mother was the nurse and ;love interest on Doc with Billy Ray Cyrus.

Greg Wiggle Page has the condition orthostatic intolerance, and this condition is causing problems with his walking, balance, speech and coordination.

Holly is not doing anything IMBD worthy, she is spending time with her kids.

Besides the answers I was looking for I also learned there are college girls in love with Greg Wiggle who buy children's videos to watch him dance and move his hips ....

 Lots of CSI Miami fans think the way Alexx the coroner  is portrayed as compassionate comes off as creepy.... many of those same fans think Caleigh dresses like a hooker and the writers have dumbed her down terribly (I agree).... and plenty of the fans think H is creepy and sexist, and David Caruso over acts.....

Apparently Sam Wiggle, Greg's replacement is a paunchy, ugly, man who can't sing, or dance and is trying to hard to "BE" Greg..... Besides Greg was the only reason to watch the wiggles...

Holly is an idiot who is depriving her fans of her presence, and pictures of her children...

And Mandy Patinkin is a jerk who cant possibly have and good reason for leaving the show he's on...

Are people really this selfish and delusional that they believe once someone is in the entertainment industry they are the fan's  own personal property and any decision they make in the best interest of their own life and family is no good if it doesn't make the fans happy? Am I the only person who is glad to see that Holly is taking time off to be with her kids, and that she has kept their pictures out of the press because they deserve a normal as possible life. Am I the only person Glad to see Greg is taking care of his health, and that the group had Sam to pull up from the ranks to take his place? Am I the only one who doesn't assume Mandy is an overbearing ass his costars cant stand?

Am I?

I kept reading because it was like a train wreck, I couldn't look away... but I know why I dont read, or listen to entertainment news... I dont get it. I dont get the need to know the intimate details of celebrities lives. I can barely keep track of my own life. Do I read the odd interview here and there? yes, and I'm pleased to read someone loves their spouse and kids, I'm a little tickled when they talk about a role  being special, when it was a role I liked watching, and I get a little kick if I read we have something in common.


Chances are.. in 24 hours I wont remember what I read.  I have more pressing problems in my life, like the issue tonight. I have explained 3 times to my son that his homework paper says to trace the sides of the rectangle, and he has done everything but. Whether or not Sam Wiggle has a paunch is not as important as my son learning to slow down and do his homework neatly and correctly.


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Monday, September 17, 2007

A new car!!

And I've had it for two weeks before getting time to post about it! Maybe I've had it for 3 weeks.... even.

We have been driving an aging, rusting, scary  91 Blazer, for 3.5 years, because at a time when our finances where is serious upheaval, I wrecked our 97 Jeep Cherokee, with the kids and a best friend as passengers. We all survived with minor to no injuries. The car did not. We where a couple month behind on the payment so after the car was gone we had to make up the late payment, the one that was 2 or 3 days over due, the deductible, and pay for the car we got from my brother. There was no way to get a better car then, and the Blazer was  reliable until the last 6 or 7 months, Driving it daily caught up with the old car. We replaced the driver door last year, And last year I dismantled the passenger door to fix the window. But those are far from its only issues. No A/C, at all..... and the fan for the heat broke last winter. It also was devoid of a muffler or rear view mirror. I finally quit gluing the mirror back on...

We really had to have a different car since the start of school. I drive the kids 10 miles to school. (then 10 miles home and again in the afternoon.)  And we managed to swing a 95 Grand Cherokee. It has a few minor issues. The driver door could use a new wiring harness, and it has an older ABS system that runs a self diagnostic every time you start the car; the brake petal bounces against your foot and the brakes make a growly noise.. Its a bit disconcerting, but the heat and the A/C work and overall it runs great!   It has a sun roof, I can pop the vent , but It has issues opening all the way, so I dont bother.  It's Red. I've never been a red, I love greens, greens of all types. The dealer got in a green one the day we picked this one up, I tried hard not to be petty about it.  (But I wonder if the asking price on the green was the same as what we bought)  I've decided to embrace the small red bit of myself. The part of me that revels in orange rust and fall colors, because red goes with them. And I've discovered I'm more red than I thought...

I dropped my cellphone in a bowl of soup and I thought I'd replace it with red.. no go, not a single red phone at the store. So I went for pink. Go figure.I've never been a pinky either.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

So much to say so little time.

I have been going to post about 7 or 8 different things in the last week or so.. and none of it has happened.

First I was going to post about my birthday, last Friday.  35 years old. I don't feel 35. Or 35 doesn't feel as old as I used to think it would.  But really it hasn't made me think about me... I have been thinking of the technological advancements and the leaps and bounds by which technology has gotten smaller and more personal. When I was in 12  or 13, my dad had a scientific calculator, he had paid an enormous amount of money for it, $500 plus today you buy its equal at Walmart for $30   I remember when I was in High School and CD's where new to the market. All the music I bought back then was in cassette tape form. Now you cant buy a cassette tape. (not saying that's bad) And Computers, I learned bits and pieces of basic computing on an Atari 1600.  And our favorite game was something the Engineers at work pirated and passed around at Dad's office. it was called Chicken and it was like frogger. It was less sophisticated than the games that come on cell phones!! I'm amazed and dumbfounded sometimes. I'm amazed and dumbfounded that this is just the merest drop in the bucket of technological advances in my life. amazing.

I have also been going to Blog about my flock of chickens. They are laying eggs!!! all three have been laying for just over 3 weeks. Before the latecomer to the dance, Rachel, started to lay, Guinny and Grace had been laying for about 2 weeks or so. Guinny is definitely the prize laying hen of the group, large pretty white speckled tan eggs. Got a huge egg yesterday, its sure to have 2 yolks. The roosters are crazy, we might have to have roast rooster for thanksgiving if something doesn't change. Spot chases down my husband and tries to attack his shoes. and Zeke chased the 4 year old in an attempt to filch his package of crackers... kicking a rooster square in the butt can lift them about 6 feet off the ground (granted they flap and try to get away, creating some extra lift)

The monarchs are back so it seems.. but I have only seem 3 this morning and 20 or so the other night. None on the tree they spent all the time in last year.

I'm sure their where other things I wanted to blog about....

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

QotD: This Is Classic TV

What television show stands the test of time?

Sesame Street. Without a doubt, I suspect I'l be telling my grandkids I watched it someday, and they will be watching it then.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The small shiny black cricket choir...

The shiny black cricket choir is practicing at my house. Normally the quartet practices in the kitchen, while the soloist prefers the acoustics in the bathroom. They are driving me bananas!! There is one hiding behind the fridge where I simply cannot get to it, and he only knows two notes and cannot keep a discernible rhythm to save his life.I did not get my husband to move the fridge this weekend so i could stomp the little booger, and it just wont die!! Likewise the one in the bathroom is under the floor of the cabinet.. I cant reach it either. I'd go buy spray except that spray will make the chickens and cats sick if they eat a sprayed bug, plus the spray will kill the other things in its path around the outside of the house like praying mantises killing them as well.

Maybe the first killing frost of the year really cant come too soon? but for now its just me and the choir, and a flipflop.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007


Thursday was the first day of school for the kids. It was rough to have to get up early, we didn't maintain that over the summer.  All the way to school "J", told me he did not want to go. got out of the truck pouting, and would not stand for a picture at the school door.

We walked "I" to his room dropped off the classroom supplies, and then, I walked "J" to his room. He pouted still, but we went in and I asked his teacher to mark his name on his box, because I had forgotten. and he began to play with a new classmate. Pouting over. "J" is in a Pre-K Montessori class, and while they will be all day everyday, their first day was only an hour. "J" and I had about 2 hours to kill before "I" was out; we went to Target, to buy a gallon of milk and a couple other things. No milk. And I forgot that "I" needed a belt for his school uniform. So after we picked up "I" LATE!!! we returned to Target. (we were late because all the notes home for half day dismissal said 11 and they actually got out at 10:45. Thank God I wasn't the only one late. about 75% of the parents where late.

Back to Target to buy a belt. Then onto the grocery store for milk. And then, we headed to Farmking. Normally we would dally through FarmKing, go look at toys wander through the clearance area, but since we had a gallon of milk in the car we went to the horse feed grabbed what we needed and headed for the cat food, where I debated about which dog food to get the farm cats. They catch mice and birds and so they get enough protein from that, even when we bought them cat food they preferred the dog's food. I figure they know best and if they prefer dog food there is a reason.

We made our purchases and hopped back into the truck.  (We are currently driving a borrowed Ford pickup with a bench seat)  So the bags of feed and food had to go in the back of the truck. We turned West out  FarmKing's lot to face a huge storm front.  Normally we would have 20 minutes or more to get home before a front I could see to the west would hit us.. not so this time. That sucker was moving fast, we raced it home so I could get the feed out of the truck before it got soaked. I barely made it, the sideways rain soaked me in a matter of a couple minutes while I put the feed away. And the wind made it nearly impossible to get back into the truck , I could hardly get the door open.

We pulled up to teh house and sat there debating what to do. "J" was terribly upset and wanted to go in the house, and so in the end we made a run for it. All 3 of us getting soaked on the way. Once inside we pulled off our wet clothes, pulled on something dry, and in a matter of less than 5 minutes the storm had passed.

Its a good thing we had a gallon of milk in the car, or we'd have been longer in Farm King, we might not have gotten in our driveway, or worse we might have been in just the wrong place at the wrong moment.

Thank God it fell on the driveway not the power lines.

In addition to that tree,  one of our maples lost a big limb , right down on the place our little tin shed, used to be. The shed is now in the middle of my pasture. Upside down. And a few smaller limbs littered the driveway.

What a day for the first day of school. The Second day was canceled, due to power outages all over town.... "J" is sure he doesn't have to go back. Oy.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

QotD: This One Time...

Did you go to summer camp?  Which one?  What did you enjoy doing? 
Submitted by Something Else.

Went to Girl Scout camp every summer. and I loved everything, (except the latrines.. but I tolerated those)

Loved hiking, canoing, horseback riding, sleeping outside, cooking on a fire... yea loved it all.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Help! I need somebody! Help! Not just anybody...

Cleaning house is good. I found my Beatles Anthology cd's. I did not realize how much I missed them. and I did miss them. I have been subjecting my children to John, Paul, George and Ringo all day. I do think they might think I'm crazy... I suppose I should get used to it, they will think I'm a nut sooner or later.

Anthology 1 Anthology 2

And with the advent of Ebay, finding the third set is no longer practically impossible!!

Mwa ha ha!!!!!

Whenever i hear HELP! I think of the Beatles cartoon; I can still see the animated Ringo being spun around really fast. I wonder there are any bits of that show on youtube...

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QotD: What My Name Means

What does your name mean and why did your parents choose it for you? 
Submitted by mommy2two.

I think I have posted about this before, I was named for a family friend that my parents where staying with while Mom was pregnant. Uncle Phil. Not actually related but life long friend to my Mom's brother Uncle Ralph. both physically disabled. Uncle Phil had had Polio,  He had trouble walking and after awhile wound have to use a wheelchair.

 He lived in Orlando and the family stayed with him every time we went to Disney. The visit while my Mom was pregnant was a nightmare, Mom hemorrhaged and had all sorts of scares and was in and out of the ER in Orlando. all the while Dad going with her leaving Uncle Phil with my 3.5 year old brother and 2.5 year old sister.

At any rate having had no name picked out before that adventure, my Mom wanted to name me after Uncle Phil, and I was very nearly Phyllis Michelle (the feminine of Phillip Micheal), but my Dad was quite opposed to the name Phyllis, so .. Michelle it was. and still is. 

Uncle Phil died while I was pregnant with my second child. And I tacked Phillip onto the name we had chosen, giving him a second middle name, in memory of Uncle Phil.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's over and we didn't do anything...

or so it seems. Summer is over, the kids go to school next Thursday, and we did not do all those things we where going to do over the summer. granted one of my thoughts was to goecache in our area, and I didn't get a hold of a gps unit so we could do that. maybe next summer we can. plus I really did not want to drive anywhere I really didn't have to.  Mostly, the kids have been playing inside and outside, and just being kids. I feel like  that really is enough. They should get to just be kids for the summer, but the worried mommy niggle wonders if the summer reading program was enough mental stimulation, should we have done more? flash cards hand writing practice, counting and basic addition... This is not me.. I dont know where that demon worried mommy niggle came from, but I'm not a worrywart-competitive-my child is smarter than yours kinda girl, and I dont want to be..

... I'm the first to admit that even though I think my kids are the cutest in the world,  I'm obviously biased and rightly so.. they are mine, I should think they are the cutest and the best, even when they drive me crazy. That is what it is to be the Mommy.

But this paranoia that maybe we should have  been homeschooling for the summer and doing more than we did? what is this? I spent my summers playing outside, going to the local pool, and later sprinkling in summer camp and I LOVED it. why would I think it wasn't enough for my kids to have the same freedom? maybe its the lack of water time? we lived at a lake until I was almost 5 then we lived down the street from the pool, I have been able to swim ever since I can remember, and I have always been comfortable in the water or above it in a boat. We barely went swimming this summer.  and that bothers me.  I want a pool in my yard, big enough for the kids to learn to be comfortable in the water. and big enough to have friends over... (it just takes money right?)  maybe if I start digging a swimming hole in the pasture now I'll be half done by the first frost....   LOL

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Friday, August 10, 2007

What are we teaching our children?

As someone who has been working to pay off credit card debt for the last 7 years, I am annoyed by Visa's current ad campaign, "life moves fast; you must have a visa card because writing checks slows down and angers everyone around you. And what are you thinking using cash?? no one in retail knows how to count out change, and they should not have to by goodness!!! "

Unlike, the clever mastercard "Priceless" campaign the visa campaign is about guilt trips, and those campaigns never sit well with me anyway. But my son now thinks we need a visa card because paying cash is just such a hassle on tv. and a friend's daughter comments about the lady who made everyone sad because she wrote a check. We have both had to explain to our children that chances are the people using their visa cards in the ads will be paying for their gardening supplies, newspapers and cups of coffee for the next 30 years.  Maybe its beneficial they hear it now, rather than learning it all the hard way like some of have.

 I dont think my lessons are sticking as solidly as the one visa is drilling into our children, maybe I should put my comments to music, and dance around with an umbrella, and a cart full of flowers.

What commercials annoy you?

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007


So, the random because we live in the country power outages have fried my printer somehow.I don't know exactly how. It gets enough power for the power light to flicker red, showing that something is amiss. there is no paper jam, no paper in the printer and no one at HP email us for help tech support can be bothered to actually read the emails I have written so as to answer my actual questions.

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Monday, August 6, 2007

QotD: Past Five Working Years

How many jobs have you had in the past five years? Where and what did you do? 
Submitted by M.

One Job. Mommy, for the past five years. And all being mommy entails, chauffeur, chef, house keeper, tushy wiper, personal paparazzi, toy truck driver, toy mechanic, laundress, head snuggle beast,  . etc etc..  

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Trapped in Webkinz World

My children have each been given a Webkinz. If you aren't familiar with these little critters think of a combination of Beanie Babies and Second Life. You buy (or receive) a little stuffed animal, and it comes with a "secret code" the secret code unlocks a virtual pet and gets you into Webkinz World for a year. So you have a brand new stuffed animal and its Psuedo-Second Life replica on Webkinz World.

Our family are the proud owners of a Cheeky Monkey and a Google. What is a Google you ask? Its kind of a cross between a bowling pin and a platypus, bowling pin shaped with a bill and webbed feet. ( I have to admit its a cute little creature.. but then I was always into stuffed animals as well as real ones)

I have mixed emotions on this set up. Starting with our initial panic over whether or not we could even access the World, as the tags all say High-speed internet required (and we are on dial-up) I have to admit initially I was annoyed with there being yet another thing that wasn't dial-up friendly. (that could be a whole rant in and of its self., no contrary to popular belief there are still dial-up users.)  Right away the Adoption window opened for us, and the kids opened their accounts and adopted their pets. And then, The World would not load. We could not get onto Webkinz World to play with , visit , or feed our pets.  Yes, you have to feed them or they get sick. Right away I figured our virtualkinz would die while we waited for the page to load.. and how fair is that to a 7 or 4  year old? I couldn't hide the World from them a cousin had already told them ALL about it. (You can send letters to each other though KinzPost!!! I'll send you a note!!!)

After an entire evening of "Mom I want to play in Webkinz world"  mixed with "I'm sorry honey, it wont load and I cant fix it, why dont you go play with the real Zelda, she has never seen a movie,  lets watch finding Nemo"  (Oh yeah, the Google is named Zelda) We did finally get the World to load the next day. And we came up on our next road block, we could buy the escential to there health bed for the pet to sleep in, but we could not put it in our room. So we called PeerTech Support (otherwise known as the cousins with webkinz and cable internet) We had them log in as us and but our bed in the room, over the phone the first thing I heard as they logged in was the 9 year old girl wail, "They aren't feeding her!! she is going to get sick!!!)

 The kids can play with their pet or take it to the arcade to play games there. there are some learning games and some standard game fair, all of which loads  for us. The kids get to play for about 1/2 hour a day. And I'll admit it I like to play the bejeweled knock off game. (someone has to earn enough Kinzcash to feed the pets) 

But I do have a few misgivings still. Our pets are happy with daily attention, so I don't know for sure, but you can "buy" you pet things, and I think you could be gone all week sweep in and play enough games to win Kinzcash and buy your pets happiness once a week... I'm wondering what precedent that sets? We did buy our pets bath tubs and back yards.. The pets get a bath and put in bed when we log out. I think that should mirror life, you get ready for bed then "logout" of the day.

I'm keeping a close eye the kids virtual experience. but I'm still wondering just how healthy the whole adventure is. I guess its all in how you spin it.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

QotD: Best Wizard, Hands Down

Who is your favorite wizard of all time?

I have to go with a classic, Merlin. yes Merlin of Arthurian legend.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

QotD: [is this good?] - Posh & Becks

Posh and Becks have moved to Los Angeles: [is this good?]

Don't care, really, don't know why they are wasting airwaves with a show about it and can't figure out why its a QoD...

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

QotD: Star Athlete

Which professional athlete in any sport has the most star power?

None of them should have star "power" we give them too much influence over our lives.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

QotD: Best Practical Joke

What's the best practical joke you've pulled or had pulled on you? 
Submitted by Mike Schwartz.

does using a drunken passed out pledge at a frat party as a guest book count? After all it was my colorful collection of sharpies, and after I signed his forehead everyone else joined in....

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Mama Kitty, aka Peach II

So our black and white, male cat, Tux, who adopted us last summer, has brought home a wife, and she has had a kitten. She is still leary of us and so every time we find her kitten she moves it on us.

 I spotted it when she moved it closer to the house up to the garage at about 2 weeks, and she immediately moved it. Then hubby found it in the shed the next week, and so we gave it a good checking out, yes we handled it.. Eyes open hissing little threatening baby hisses at us.  And now mama is hiding her baby under the garage. We cant get to it. We were hoping if we could get our hands on it we could remedy the babies fear of us just a bit and have a head start at being friends, since Mama only visits for th e food.

The kids would like to see the kitten too but alas, I cannot fit under the scary garage to get a hold of it. .. I guess we will have to bribe Mama AND Baby to be our friends......

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

QotD: Sorry, You Can't Wear That Anymore

What clothing item do you wish could be banned?
Submitted by Mike E.

There are so many things to choose from......

Anything that is meant to be "too tight" looking, especially things with buttons.... I have spent my entire life trying to avoid "busty button pucker" only to find I have to buy my shirts two sizes too big because someone thinks it is sexy to wear an ill-fitting shirt.

Swimsuits in my size or larger with a flimsy "shelf bra" I gotta say I wear an xl top.. and that shelf bra..... what are they thinking.... someone help me out here..... who designs this cr... stuff?

I'll be honest I wear an xl since having 2 kids, I'm not longer fit and trim and I was never "skinny" On the cusp of "gee if you lose anymore weight you wont be healthy" I was still a size 8 on bottom 10 on top and  I'm only 5 ft. my point, I do have one.  No longer fit trim or even psuedo svelte.. I should not be wearing anything with spaghetti straps or strapless (except a formal dress with built in support) and yet.. they make this stuff for my size and larger.... and really..... it is NOT flattering. (short shorts included...)

I've also spent an entire life time believing your bra is not meant to be outer wear.. it should not be visible through your shirt, and the straps should not be wider than the straps of the shirt you have on... and I still feel that way not matter what Victoria's secret is.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Why is DA building your baby?

Ian, You have a shirt from Vacation Bible School, that is embellished with a brick cross and the words "Built by God" You where wearing it for our Memorial Day picnic, with Miss Dallas Ann and Aaron. You happily told Aaron all about your shirt, and that you where "built by God. Later having asked Miss Dallas Ann why she was so tired, reviewing her response that "building a baby is hard work" You posed this question to Aaron. "If God built me why is Dallas Ann building your baby and not God?" 

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

QotD: Also Known As

What other names did your parents consider for you?


While my Mom was pregnant with me, they stayed with a family friend in the Orlando area, Uncle Phil. My Mom had a few scares while pregnant with me. She hemorrhaged,  lost a lot of blood, and all this scared Uncle Phil half to death.  Because of his concern for the family, and his amazing amount of help with my older siblings (both toddlers) while my Mom was unwell and in and out of the ER, my Mom wanted to name me after Uncle Phil. His given name is Phillip Michael,  so Phyllis Michelle. My Dad did not like the name Phyllis and refused to let my Mom name me Phyllis. So I became Michelle, and as Michelle Phyllis did flow my mom went with a rather generic middle name.

Uncle Phil passed away when I was pregnant with my second child, and his second middle name IS Phillip. added on in Memory of Uncle Phil.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I get tired of seeing...

.. "original" hand made items for sale that use someone else's copyrighted art. I have about 10 seen pieces by 2 people today all violating copyright.

If I where a cat I would be flipping my tail around.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

QotD: In Case Of Emergency

Who is your Alert In Case Of Emergency person?  

my husband and my mother, and they would call anyone else who needed called.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

We knew she was getting old...

In October of 1996 I adopted a dog from the rescue shelter I was working at temporarily. The administrator bent the 3 month working before you could adopt rule for me because I was a temp employee. I'm so glad she did. for the past 10 and a half years I have shared my life and my space with a sweet Border Collie, named Lady. She has spent more time with me than my husband who is on the road. I was never alone, I always had Lady. She went with me on road trips, out to the barn, for walks around town.

For the last 3 years she has been slowing down, only showing short bursts of energy here and there, but fully enjoying our move to a 16 acre farm in January '06. For the last 3 weeks she has been unable to walk on the hard floor without help and I have been carrying her in and out the back steps, we where wrestling with that decision. I never thought taking a pet to a place they where afraid as your last act of kindness seemed to quite be the right way to let them go. I was hoping to avoid that trip. Lady made that choice on Saturday. I think she really let go on Friday night, after my husband came home. I always figured she would wait for him to come home on a weekend, and she did. No last visit to the scary vet. Just a peaceful passing.

She is buried not far from where this picture was taken, in the place I like to call our orchard. 

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

10 Years.

10 years we have been married. I celebrated with one child, he celebrates with the other halfway across the country.

10 years, sometimes I'm surprised it has really been 10 years, it seems to have flown by.. 

In the 10 years we have been married

we have

had 2 children, both c-section
bought a house on 16 acres
bought 7 semi's
sold 6 semi's, if you are keeping track it means we only have 1
bought 5 semi-trailers
sold 2 and lost one, long story, don't ask
kept the same dog, and she is getting old poor puppy.
bought a horse
been given a pony
gained a few pounds... not evenly distributed, I might add.
moved twice. and oh how I hate to move....
had 5 different cars/vehicles sold 2 trades one in and I wrecked one.
went into business with a partner
learned going into business with a partner was a mistake

QotD: I'd Like To Thank...

If you had a CD or album coming out, who would you thank in the liner notes?

There but for the grace of God go I.  And ThankYou to my Husband of 10 years for being on the journey with me. Thanks to all my family and friends, you help make me who I am.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tagged again...

It could take me a week to think of 8 things...  I'm not very good at these but I'll play anyway.

I was tagged by maura_ea

Firstly, the rules:
Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
People who are tagged need to also post these rules in their blog.
At the end of your blog, you need to choose 8 people to be tagged and list them.
Send an email telling them they are tagged or leave a comment doing the same.

8 Random Facts/Habits about Maura:

1.When I play free cell on the computer I like to put the aces in a certain order.. I'd rather restart the game to get them in the order I want than win with them out of order.

2. My favorite time of the day is sunrise, but I like to enjoy it under the covers with my feet out of the blankets dangling in the breeze from the open windows. This is behavior learned at Girl Scout camp where I was a counselor and a camper for years on end.

3. If I had thought of it, I would have gone to school to be a Park Ranger or Scout Camp Ranger. I'd have lived at camp if I could have. It was home for me, and this house is home for me because of the similarities.

4.I never wanted anything more than being a wife and a mother. I like the other things I have done, in school jobs I have held, In fact I love the things I have done, but nothing compares to having a small child's eyes light up because you are coming to their "Teddy Bear Picnic" at school.

5. I like my coffee like I like my men, strong, blond and sweet.  The first time I said that t my husband (then my boyfriend) he turned a shade of red I did not think was possible on a human face.

6. Thursday is my Hubby and my 10th anniversary. I really wanted to have a big picnic with all our family and friends.. but we don't have the funds for it.. I guess we will have to do that for our 15th..oh heck  maybe the 11th or 12th...  I think whenever we have even remotely close to enough $ to throw a party we will.

7. as an adult all my favorite colors are earth tones... when I was young I liked everything.. especially girly colors, but I always thought it was strange that I liked camouflage.... like it wasn't made to be liked for the color scheme so why did I? I no longer have those hang-ups about why I like  color nor do I care what it says about me or if people think I'm weird.

8. I say ROFL out loud. pronounced Rah-ful, I even have a beta named Rofl.. his "brothers" are Ty, Lol, and Shishy.

Wow I did it..

now who to tag....


wont hurt my feelings if you dont have the time this trip around ;)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

QotD: Memorial Day

Do you know any war veterans?
Submitted by Fightin' 6th Marines.

My mom's brother, my Uncle Charlie fought in Vietnam. and my dad's Father and Uncle were both in the navy(the Uncle was shipped out in WWII, but grandpa was ready to go when the war ended), and their father, fought in WWI.

My husband was in the National Guard , but was never called to active duty.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

QotD: This Is Who I Am

In 5 words or less, who are you? 
Submitted by dejablu503.

creative nurturing caring weird woman

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I want a chainsaw for Christmas

I turned the radio down and said, "what did you say Boo?", And my 4-year-old repeated just what I was sure he had not said. "I want a chainsaw for Christmas" Stifling a chuckle at the preposterous comment, I replied, "Chainsaw aren't toys, I don't think you will be getting one for Christmas, buddy."

"I want a red toy chainsaw, so I can help Daddy, help Santa cut down trees"

so there you have it. apparently the regular toy saw that came with the other plastic tools just isn't good enough to help Daddy and Santa cut down Christmas trees. He needs more power.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

One of these days....

I will walk outside to find my horse has not head.. she will have stuck it into a place it does not belong and rather than wait for help like the pony, she will have yanked and pulled and popped off her big lunky head in an attempt to free herself. It will just be sitting out there is the pasture.

That is if she doesn't get a raging infection or blood poisoning from catching her leg in the fence already this week.

Now I'm off to wash the wounds with iodine, cold hose the leg and redress everything.


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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

There's always some reason...

to feel not good enough.

Being on dial-up, once I bother to wait for something I like to load on YouTube I leave it up for awhile and enjoy it. (I have White and Nerdy up for about a week) Currently I have up Sarah McLachlan and Josh Groban singing In the Arms of the Angels, for some reason the early part of the song, especially the line, "there is always some reason to feel not good enough" are spending a lot of time in my head, niggling my brain and wanting to be heard.

Maybe I'm just tired. Maybe I'm ready for summer, so I can have a break. Everyday I drive the kids to school, its 10 miles to school, and children have to be gotten to the car in a way similar to rounding up a herd of cattle. Then there is the ebb and flow of the traffic at school. And despite watching it for an entire year I'm still surprised, shocked, and irritated at the way some parents drive on the school grounds.(Yes Mrs BrownieLeaderSpeedDemon , I mean you, 35mph in a grade school parking lot is unacceptable)  And so the whole adventure, takes an hour minimum. and normally there is an AM trip and a PM trip. 40 miles a day. In my battered and beat Blazer that is about $10 worth of gas per day.

Maybe our financial woes are part of my negativity. We are currently paying off the credit cards we foolishly ran up in our earlier lives, While we are getting ahead on those debts, we are still behind routinely on our other bills, they get paid they just don't get paid on time. It is frustrating, It feels like we are filling the holes we have by digging new holes. And just like if we dug actual holes in our yard filling the old hole with dirt we take from a new spot making a new hole, we can eventually even things out .. sort of.. but the yard, or our credit will never be the same.  We have been caught in this cycle for awhile. Almost 5 years now. We could be out of this cycle if we had not gone into business with a big talker who robbed us blind. Ah well, live and learn.

The frustration with never getting ahead comes and goes. I guess for now it has come.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

QotD: Danger Is My Middle Name

When was the last time you did something dangerous? 
Submitted by Ross

I'm a mother of two boys  and I drive a beat up 92 Blazer ....everyday is dangerous...

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

QotD: See You Later, Decorator

What is your home decorating style, and how has it changed over time? Do you have plans to redecorate? 
Submitted by enSue.

My "style" lol.. My style is if I like it and I could afford it or make it.. I have it..I like for the things around me to be special for some reason that is what makes my home a haven, The model horses on a shelf in the front room have almost all been gifts or hand-me-downs from a favorite Uncle. I think I have purchased 2 or 3 for myself.  And my bookshelf is packed with memorabilia things like a box that my bestfriend and I bought the same. and little gifts and toys. a delicate wood carving my Grandma brougth back from China and decided to give me when they moved to a smaller house.

I'd like to decorate my bedroom in India-inspired fabrics and the like and have it be a very clean crisp uncluttered space.. but the living room? its my room its where I like to have all the things that remind me of all the wonderful people I have in my life.

so.. I guess no, o decorating style, no museum sterile house.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

QotD: I'm Going Green

Happy Earth Day!  What are some of your favorite ways to reduce, reuse and recycle?

My favorite way to recycle is to recycle stuff into crafty kinds of things.. I'm a packrat so there is always something around here to recycle into a craft project.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

QotD: I'd Totally Pig Out

If you could eat anything you wanted, and not have to worry about gaining weight/being unhealthy/inhumane, what would you totally pig out on? 
Submitted by Jay.

there are a few things.. but really, I think I'd be having a lot of lasagna and garlic bread.. maybe asparagus cream soup... spinach artichoke dip...... so many wonderful things to pick from in the not good you category.. most of which I have not had for awhile....

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

a shiny new oven

A few weeks ago our oven broke.. It just ceased working. The problem could have been the $160 thermostat, or the $60 starter. If we put in the starter and it still didn't work we couldn't return that part for our $ back, we'd just have to spend the $160 too.

 so after a few weeks of scrambling and some generous help from a friend and two Grandparents, we got a new oven. nothing expensive, but a new oven with a light and a window in the door and a warranty!!

I love that word.. Warranty....

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

QotD: Terms of Endearment

What is your favorite term of endearment? 
Submitted by lostdwarf.

Sweetie...  mostly for my husband, and booboo for the youngest, bigboo, for the eldest

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

QotD: I Was Sold

Have you ever purchased something from an infomercial? 
Submitted by Colleen.

I had to think about it, but I know I purchased  sugar hair removal stuff... I would call it a huge waste of time and money, except that doesn't cover the enormous amount of pain I experienced using it. Nor does that cover the description of the hair removal cycle of a week and a half hair free and then waiting 2.5 weeks for the hair to get long enough fort he product to work. *rolls eyes*  yeah.. huge waste of money.

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Friday, April 6, 2007

birds of a feather

For a little bit now I've been putting my creative energies into learning some new Polymer clay techniques, I'm in love with the mokume gane technique the way it blend colors is just really darn cool, once I have made a sheet I like I have been using that to make origami cranes, and thus far I have a small flock of them..

Conversly,  this is my husband's "flock". Last Sunday he went to Farm King for car parts and returned with 5 little black chicks. They have been named and they are not food. There are three females and two males. They are supposed to be good laying chickens. What role the males will be playing in our lives is unclear. the females are already more personable, if you put your hand in near them they hop on and settle down for a nap.

One of the females has two bald spots on her back, maybe from getting stuck to her shell while hatching, and sh'e a touch smaller than everyone else. She has been names Rachel, in honor of the pet house chicken that a crazy lady I worked for in Pennsylvania owned. (No chickens can't be house broken the darn bird deficated wherever she was, including sitting on the couch watching tv with you.)

This Rachel chicky will be an outside Rachel chicky. But isn't she cute.... :)

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QotD: Ask This One!

What's your suggestion for the Question of the Day? 
Inspired by Princesskasren.

Do you have some everyday object you use that is very special to you?

And my answer: I have a coffee cup I use almost daily, usually for coffee but sometimes for tea, it is bigger than normal (sort of beer stein? shaped) and it has horses on it. It is special because my Dad who doesn't spend money frivolously is the person who picked it out and suggested he and my Mom buy it for me. Not for a birthday or a holiday, just because he thought I'd like it.

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