Friday, November 16, 2007

How sad is it that I haven't made a single post in all of November

I'll admit I'm a little flighty, and kinda scatter-brained, and I really have the best posting intentions.. but dang it all, some nights its all I can do to read some of my neighbors posts between being Mom and having some quiet time with the adults on the TV...  I want to actually put some thoughts out  there. I can't remember my last post.  nothing in the second half of October. Bah!

Week before last I had the flu for an entire week.. sore stiff neck and back, a headache that would make a bull elephant cry, and ever since I have been off. i am grouchy and irritable, and really it isnt time for pms...  It worries me. Like should I go to the Doctor and ask about anti-depressant medications worried.  Aside from that thought I'm not displaying any other classic depression symptoms. (Yes I slept extra while I was sick, but that was not unusual)

I feel like a mad woman this week. (mad in both senses of the word) and I dont like it. 

Besides looking into some herbal remedies I think I will get back to the Y, and set aside some craft and clay time for a bit everyday while the kids are at school.I'm hoping this will jump me out this crummy feeling.. or make to tired to be grouchy, grouchiness takes too much energy. :P

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  1. Well I hope yo're feeling better now and that you start posting soon!

  2. I hope you feel like yourself again soon, and I also hope that you can start blogging too - we miss you!

  3. Thank You all for your kind words.. I think just admitting I feel like a nut has helped some.. but I do think I need to get exercising and looking into some helpful supplements too..