Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Vox Hunt: Miniscule!

Photo: Show us the smallest thing you can photograph.
Submitted by Squink!

the stamp inside my silver floral band

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the sound of billiard balls clicking against one another

Except it wasn't the sound of billiard balls clicking against one another, it was the sound of frozen horse apples clicking against one another..... I do believe hell hath frozen over. The horses are hiding, first behind the corn crib and now in the lean to, because I threw hay in there.

 I don't know what the temperature is because I have not checked, but I swear I could feel the blood vessels in my face freezing up while I was outside... despite that.... I find horse feeding time to be a relaxing time of the day. I give my horses their feed buckets, then I clean the poop out of the lean to.  I then throw hay over the fence to Paco and Ginger the boarding horses then I throw hay in the lean to for Joe and Cat. I think its the small bit of manual labor combined with the interaction with the beasties that makes it a relaxing thing for me to do, despite "old man Winter's" penchant for abusing the Midwest.

You would think I would be looking forward to spring... yes and no. Spring would be a great time of year if it wasn't for the mud. But its a hard choice, bitter face freezing cold or mud up to the eyeballs....

I'll get back to you in the fall... ;)

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QotD: Trendspotting

Have you ever started a trend? Followed one?
Submitted by It's Raining Calculators.

In grade school one year we made Valentines for Sister Justina, a deaf nun who worked in our cafeteria, she was always teaching us a few little bits of sign language here and there, and of course she had taught us "I love you." To make a personal card for Sister I traced my hand making the "I love you" sign. No sooner had I finished my card than every one... EVERY ONE, in my class decided to do the same. I was not flattered, I was irritated, I had put alot of thought into a way to make my card special for Sister and she was never going to know. I was even more irritated when my teacher refused to tell Sister I had the idea first.

Still, even now I would rather be unique than be a trend starter.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I've been tagged....

I have been tagged by Cloudfish  and thus far I have no idea what to write..

but here goes nothing....

1. I almost drowned when I was about 2; we lived by a lake and I fell in, my brother and sister alerted my Dad with cries of "the baby's in the lake" and he pulled me out. I spit up a bit of water.. but aside from that I was fine. I almost fell out the back of the family station wagon later the same year... my Mom was starting to think God wanted me back.

2. I took 6 years to finish college, one year in the wrong major, two years getting double associate degrees, a year working on a breeding farm, and two years finishing a BA.  I jokingly say I crammed 4 years of college into 6 years of life. I do feel like the circuitous route I took did put me in the right place at the right time. I met my husband in college.

3. I have spent 15 years of my life in Catholic School including 2 years of college. And I think it was time and money well spent for grade and high school. (I'm sending my kids to Catholic school)  For the last two years of College.. not so much!

4. I like to collect things, I am a pack rat extraordinaire. I have collections of beads, papers, horse figures, teacups, tiggers, betas (granted there are only 4 of them), jewelry, blue glass, tea, books,   I could go on.. but you get the idea...

5. Really I just have run out of things to say I cant thing of anything... except for how darn frustrated I am the difficulty with which I have finding bras in my size (which I will not mention here) but not a "mainstream size" I have not been an easy to find size since high school.... and I am tired of being told 800 ways to take my measurements only to find my size is so bloody hard to find it makes me want to scream... yeah....

so... I'm tagging....

Mr. P

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow Cream!!

My neighbor  mentioned snow cream when we had the last  really big snow, and this time  after we got a few good inches  (4-6)  one of the kids said we could make snow ice cream.. it would be snow cream. Thus jogging my memory. So I googled snow ice cream and came up with quite a few recipes, this is the one I used. I do believe next time I will use a pasturized egg product, as my husband was iffy about consuming raw egg. Some recipes did not call for egg and used regular milk rather than evaporated milk, I made a smaller test batch with regular milk and splenda, it was much lighter and the splenda needed a tablespoon or so of regular sugar for the taste. It was great stuff and the cost to make it is pretty minimal, the costliest ingredient is the evaporated milk.


  • 1 (12 fluid ounce) can evaporated milk
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 3/4 cup white sugar
  • 1 gallon snow


  1. In a large bowl, combine evaporated milk, eggs, vanilla and sugar until smooth. Gradually stir in snow until mixture reaches desired consistency. Eat at once.

This recipe contains raw eggs. Pregnant women, young children, the elderly should not consume raw eggs.

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QotD: [this is so good]

What's the best thing since sliced bread?

Whole wheat sliced bread!!!

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

QotD: Complimentary

What is the greatest compliment you've received?
Submitted by Maraschino.  

  All compliments are great, especially those that indicate I have helped someone or made them feel good by using my time and talents to do for them. 

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Equus Voxxus

I started a horse enthusiast group.

For those interested and not members, it is here Equus Voxxus

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Friday, January 19, 2007

QotD: Send For Help! Or Not...

You're trapped in a (temporarily) out of order elevator - who would you like to be trapped with? 
Submitted by tbtissimus.

My first very thought was my husband... someone who would not panic... but really in those kinds of situation if I'm with someone who does panic, my need to be the non-panic-er kicks in pretty fast. And my next thought was maybe a good conversationalist with food... so if we are trapped for any length of time we would have something to eat.... and we could just sit and chat to pass the time.

OR I'm not sure I'd want to waste the opportunity to be trapped with any number of people I would enjoy the time with...

There are a whole host of political figures I would not mind being trapped with so I could actually say to them... "What in the world where you thinking?" and really... "did you really have our best interests at heart? or do you still?" or "if you do still have our best interests at heart.. please consider that owning up to a mistake is a big brave bold thing to do.. and you should try it."

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

*sigh of relief*

Yesterday, my husband had a DOT Audit. Think Trucking business nightmare...  The US DOT(Dept. of Transportation) can shut you down if your paperwork is not perfect. We had to clean off our Dining room table.. the catchall for all the pieces of mail and schoolwork that come into this house, so the auditor could set up his laptop and printer. My husband wanted to offer him coffee, so I made coffee. And at 9 am he arrived, beginning the audit my husband had been dreading and getting stressed about for a month or so....

There was a problem in the paperwork , that had he been a self righteous ass, he could have shut the business down for, but he did not. Instead he worked with my husband to get what he needed right with the paperwork and be sure he knew what he needs to get done asap. Hooray!! o/

Over all he was a nice guy, not out to get us or anything like that. I get tired of people taking out their frusteration with the Government at large on individual employees. The ladies working in our local IRS office are super. As is the gal who rents our pasture, she works for the Dept. of Children and Families. I did not intend to rant about this.. but I do feel when we mouth off about the Government.. (and I do it too) we are being unfair to the members of the Govt. workforce, they are part of the Government. Food for thought for myself as much as anyone else...

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QotD: Forward My Mail

In which fictional world/universe/land/city would you most like to live?
Submitted by glenn is the new chuck.  

The one where I am the Queen of Everything, and can manipulate the elements with my powers...


why not?

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

QotD: Can't Type It Rihgt

What word(s) do you always make a typo in?

THE ... teh teh teh.... :P

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QotD: It Was Kismet

How did you meet your current, or most recent, significant other?

My husband and I met at College we both went to the PAS conference.. (think FFA for college)  I was talked into, doing the computer contest which was an Excel spread sheet, and when that was canceled due to weather, I was talked into an impromptu speech and a debate. Hubby had been talked on the the quiz bowl team.  I guess you could say we met and the rest is history.... that is the short version. ;)

This February it will be 14 years since we met and in May we will celebrate 10 years married.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

100 things I love

I was looking at ideas for scrapbook pages and I thought this would be a good exercise for the new year.

Sooo... here goes

Scott, Ian, Jamie, Family, friends, Fall leaves, taking pictures, Everafter, coffee, tea, Squash soup, peppermint, Candied Ginger, freshly fallen snow, The Muppet Christmas Carol, my horses, a hard days work, a good days rest, dying my hair red, Quotes, collecting things, making things for others, teaching someone how to make something i've created, flowers,

Vox Hunt: Gone

Show us a photo of something that's gone now.


Late as usual, but both are gone now... when we had the big snow in early December, we went sledding and built snow men and a dog, and had icicles on everything.. its all gone.

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Sunday, January 7, 2007

QotD: Over or Under?

Okay, we hate to ask, but... over the roll or under the roll?  

Over, most definitely.

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the south american toilet

We have lived in our new house for a year. We moved last January. We weren't looking to buy a house... really we weren't, but a historical farmhouse on 16 acres crept up on us and surprised us. We happened to see the ad in the paper, and decided to take a look at the house. By the time we looked the house had been pulled of the market in an attempt to rent it. We thought about renting to buy, but with some family help financially, we ended up buying the house instead.

Besides the 16 rolling acres of pasture there are other things we really liked about the house.... (mind you we were renting a 800 square foot, 5 room story and a half, that was falling down around us,  in a semi pseudo questionable neighborhood to boot.) We liked that the house is in the country, with property, we have 2 neighbors who are close enough to call in an emergency but not close enough to look into our windows. The house is 150 years old, and the molding in the front rooms around the windows and doors is beautiful, although it could do with a "touch-up" (strip the 8 layers of paint off and such)

Upstairs is a small room and a big room. The kids bedroom is the small room and the big room is the toy room. Upstairs. not in the living room under our feet in front of the tv all the time. Just off the toy room is a small bathroom, my guess is it was a closet oh so long ago. (Before indoor plumbing.) A very small but definitely usable bathroom. it had an ill fitting mustard yellow toilet seat. so I took that seat to Lowe's bought one the same size (or so i thought) dropped and broke the yellow one in the store and so threw it away.. came home and found the seat was even bigger and more ill fitting than the other one. and so I began to investigate this toilet... inside the tank is a make and model... after some Google searching I found the company's website. They are in South America. There is one page of the site translated into English, the welcome page. and they do not make a toilet seat that fits this toilet anymore either.  It appears that no one does.  Even the Kohler baby bowl is too big.

So.. the toilet has no seat and the boys will not use it because it has no seat.. (yes they both stand) so, no, they don't need the seat... but they wont go in that toilet.  much to my chagrin....

and I'd like to know why there is a South American toilet in my house in the first place.....

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