Sunday, July 30, 2006


please please please close the gate to hell and lock it


pretty please with icewater on top.

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What I wish I could go back and tell myself

really there is not much.. I think we are products of our experiences and our mistakes.. but I wish I could go back and cut up those credit cards and tell myself that when I hit 33 I would want very much so to have  a $2000 camera and some $1000-$2000 worth of extras for that camera.. and if I werent paying off old debts it would be much easier to save the money for it.

much much easier.


And while I was still too young to know what a credit rating was that I was really screwing it up. I might have explained that to myself. maybe i'd have made the same mistakes.. but i'd be making them knowing what I was doing.

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QotD: Discovering Music

Go to one random page in Explore Audio. What CD do you see that you're most interested in listening to?

my brother is a Jethro Tull fan, so no doubt from the times we lived in the same house there is a healthy amount of Tull burned into my sub-conciousness. I think I'd like to listen to the best of just to see what i know and what i dont and to have some of those songs that are a part of me hanging around so I could listen to them when i chose.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

QotD: Sugar, Sugar

What was your favorite candy when you were a kid? How does that compare to now?

generally as a kid I liked novelty stuff.. the things we didnt get regularly.. dip sticks and the like.. candy buttons..   unicorn suckers from  the fair...

now.. I still like those things that remind me of childhood.. but i also like ghirardelli and godiva chocolate.  and practically anything lime or cherry.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

QotD: Back where I'm from...

Soda? Cola? Pop? What do you say? Any other regional words that set you apart?
Question submitted by Gladys.


 Soda  y'all it's soda

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Country road, take me home...

I love this picture. a quaint little country road... i walk down it everyday to get the mail. It's my driveway.

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Living in the country

You find critters to take pictures of, I almost stepped on this little guy on my way to feed horses. When I realized he wasn't  going anywhere I went and got the camera. Out of about twenty pictures my camera actually focussed on the little guy three times.. (I'm a little frusterated with my camera)

Anyway, I did miss a shot of my mare sticking her big nose down to snort at the little guy.. but I really thought he might peck her nose and she might flip out and stomp me in her zeal to escape the predator. So a little caution for my well being cost me a shot. *sigh*

Maybe in a few years I can just have a camera implanted into my head.

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QotD: Weekend Wrap-up

What was the highlight of this past weekend?

my husband was home.. and it was rainy.. so we curled up on the couch and watched a couple movies, one with the hobbit children one without..


and he brought me home a Strawberry-Lime Jones soda .. yummy

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I like celery...


And I find odd. Before the last 5 years, given a choice i'd have taken a carrot over a celery stick anyday. Why the change? I do not know... maybe its because celery goes with peanutbutter better than carrots. Or maybe it is just the color. I like green better. Everytime I open the refridgerator and choose celery over a carrot it suprises me.

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Butterfly Dance

I was not really paying attention.... i had started the water in the trough and I walked up the hill to the gate. I was really watching the hawk on the other side of the pasture.... he was hard to miss.. he was screaming as loud as he could, from the top branch of that tree.... And then i saw it, a glint of gold, a butterfly lit on the nearest tree branch, between myself and the setting sun. The golden light of late day thought the orange wings of the butterfly where spectacular an amazing color.... The butterfly fluttered around a bit and then lit on the branch once more.. then another butterfly went flitting past.. and it started.. their fluttery little dance... they flew in tandem... for about 10 feet then they would flutter in a circle  round one another for a few moments .. then fly in tandem again. this went on for about five minutes, and then they disappeared. I returned to the water trough to shut off the water.. and when i walked back the gate, there it was back on the same branch, alone.

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Praying Mantis

preying......praying ... it isn't  doing either .. it is in the bug house we catch lightning bugs with... and its doing nothing.. i put a fly in with it and a little green dragoflylike thing.. it wants neither apparently..


I was weeding outside when I came across  the critter... he's big brown and wingless... and after some research I have concuded he is an nymph (no wings) possibly a male (8 segments on his abdomen) and i think a chinese mantis (guessing from photos found on the web)

It doesnt seem all that unusual to keep mantids as pets... there is quite a bit of information about it... I'm just trying to decide if I want to do it knowing that in November or December he will probably die and I will have to talk about death with the kids yet again...  Frankly I dont want to have that chat... this past year we have lost a preschool teacher and my Grandfather.  Plus the dog is aging.. so I imagine we will be having that chat before I'm ready. I'm wondering the big bug and I arent both better off with me releasing it back outside.... or if I will be standing outside dumbfounded when a bird snaches my little friend and eats him..

All this worry over a bug.....




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Saturday, July 22, 2006

QotD: Shaken not stirred

What's your favorite drink or cocktail? What's in it?
Question submitted by


depends on my mood... but I like bailey's and buttershots with lots of crushed ice,

and I like honey wheat beer, white wine, and this stuff called Verdi.


non-alcoholic drinks.. coffee, tea (green, black, white, herbal), diet coke, water juice... (fruit and veggie)... milk

I guess i'm not really picky

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Friday, July 21, 2006

something spectacular

I always feel like my first post message board whatever.. should be something spectacular.. Something people read and think .... well think something besides *yawn* why am i reading this???


but really I don't think I've done it anywhere else yet, so why should here be any different. *smirk*  I'm not an accomplished writer, and I never was very good at journaling.


So why do I ? Maybe it is like a train wreck.. you know the proverbial you don't want to look but you cant look away? i have such a lack when it come to using language to convey my thoughts and feelings yet I feel the need to try; to try to paint that picture to save that feeling or memory somehow. I think essentially it is why i like to take pictures... because sometimes the picture really does look like the moment i saw when i clicked released the shutter.


now if my journal entries gave me the same feeling.....


so... why Key Lime Twist? why not? I mean...  i love Key Lime... pie .. smoothies .. lemonade .. cheesecake .. I have yet to meet a key lime flavored anything i didn't like... but it isn't a mainstream desert flavor.. and  I'm a Vanilla girl the rest of the time.... (yes i like chocolate as in the substance) but for flavor? I'm a classic vanilla.. nothing beats vanilla ice cream....  


and I guess that is kind of how I think of myself.. nothing really extraordinary just your plain old vanilla.. with a weird little fruity twist...

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