Friday, January 30, 2009

Goodbye Rod, and good riddance.

I can't tell you how satisfied I am with the impeachment, removal from office and decision to never let Rod Blagojevich hold office in Illinois again. I was irritated when he was elected the first time, I was downright angry when it happened again, and he has been nothing but bad news for Illinois during his entire reign of terror.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009


I have not spent much ti me on here.. I started a blogger blog to share photos with family. (my vox is the place that if I need to vent about family I can, I started it because the people whom I needed to vent about all knew my Live journal address and I could not write about them pushing my buttons where they could read it)

So.. anyway If you want to check out the other blogs shoot me a pm.. but I'm going to try to start keeping the photos here up to date with what I am up to. I thought I would get alot more up but I think I hit my monthy upload limit! I did not even know I had one!

So all the new photos are what I have been up to for the second half of 2008.

July2008 1654 webJuly2008 811 webJuly2008 534 web

This is how I spent my summer. Stalking the flowers.

July2008 529 webJuly2008 1027 webJuly2008 856 web

And I spent a lot of time this fall admiring the ongoing riot of color dripping from the trees.


October2008 393 webNovember2008 221 webOctober2008 365 web2nov2008 .2 web2nov2008 web31oct2008 web

Plus all my time admiring assorted dry plants, and dead flowers
17nov2008 web19nov2008 2 webNovember2008 153 web25nov2008web
And the odd obsession I have with field corn, donkeys and squirrels. That pudgy squirrel was so hungry, she let me stand 20 feet from her and shoot for about 20 minutes. So I did, and it was cold!
6nov2008 webAugust2008 842 webDecember2008 099 webDecember2008 104 webDecember2008 105 web
Then all those same plants get all glazed and confused in Ice storm season. and I am crazy enough to be out in teh cold to take pictures.
December2008 1412 webDecember2008 1411 webDecember2008 1402 web
I love this one look at the light baubles behind it!
This is a photo from Halloween, the boys wanted to be Indy. We went to Boo at the zoo, and I took a ton of shots there. (but the pesky upload quota wont let me post them)

I have a whole bunch more photos not posted, but I'll try to keep up a little better from now on.

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