Thursday, January 31, 2008

QotD: Staying Organized

How do you stay organized? 
Submitted by devillibrarian

Stay Organized.. lol.. I'm not organized at all. But I do have the Alarm clock in my phone set for various times of the day so I am usually on time. Usually, but not always.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh Mother Nature why are your knickers in such a knot?

It was 50F when I took the kids to school this morning, and now we are under a wind advisory and a blizzard warning. There is a big storm moving across Iowa, only 2-4 inches of snow expected, but, winds of 25 - 45 miles an hour are beating a path this way.

The house is cold. The wind comes right through the wall of my bedroom, and up through floors in the kitchen and dining room. I'm not thrilled by this, but such is life in a 150 year old house. What I dread is the possibility of a power outage. Hubby is on his way to get a load in Texas, and I cannot start the generator.I cant start anything with a pull cord. Never once have I made that happen. I hope the power stays on.

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zoom Zoom ZOOM

On Sunday we bought a wireless card for my computer. I have been in the dark ages of dial-up now for two years. This means I have not gotten to see any of the videos people post or send me, they dont load on dial-up. All those informative news blurbs.. I dont get to see them.  I have had my Mom send me pictures I needed to have to make the photo tiles, that I make. But I usually have to make 2 or 3 attemps to download each picture so I get the whole file. And all the free digital scrapbooking goodies out there? forget it.  I'm so excited, I have been making a list of things for Hubby to download for me, but now I can do it myself!!! YEAH!!!

It is rough to not be able to utilize so much information out there because you are basically walking a dirtroad rather than riding the super-highway.

I'm so excited I have so much to catch up on..  knitting patterns to download, cnn news bits to watch, digital scap freebies to get,

AND!!!!   pictures to upload!!! I have not been able to upload a decent size picture to vox or flickr in so long!!

I need to go take a picture just so I can upload it here!!!!!

But first I need to feed the beasties.

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Monday, January 7, 2008

ok... what is up with the settings?

Why is the default for who can post comments nobody? and how many posts have I made with that setting now?

I did not realize until today when my only RL friend that voxes also mentioned it.

no I'm not being a snob..... I'm just flaky.

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Holy Mood Swing Mother Nature

It is 50 degrees outside today. 50!!! less than a week ago it was 0 degrees with a windchill of -10 to -20 for about 4 days in a row. All but the deepest drifts have melted, and the ground is thawing. it is a slop hole in our yard. I'm not a fan of spring mud, and this is pretty much what we have now. It feels like Spring... which feels so different  from Fall. I'm amazed at how a 50 degree day in Spring and in Fall can feel so completely different. They somehow feel wildly different. The air feels wonderful!

I appreciate the reprieve from the biting cold we have been having. Honestly, however, once winter starts I'm a fan of that 28 - 32 degree hover. not really warm enough to slop it up, but warm enough to melt an inch of snow off the roads.  Our road has been atrocious since winter started. The Township in charge of plowing it never does, nor do they put down salt or cinders, and its rough and icy. I slid off it in early December when I hit a slick patch. wrecked the car, by hitting a tree. (the car is finally getting fixed, I should have it back this week)

I also like the temperature to be not really cold enough to turn the water troughs into icebergs capable of sinking the Titanic. And we have had our fair share of icebergs this year so far.

I'm enjioying the warm air (its supposed to be 60 today, but hopefully the temperature will drop and the ground will harden up a bit this week.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

QotD: The Iowa Caucuses

What was your reaction to the results of the Iowa caucuses?  


Thank God it's over!!!!

I know, how decidedly Un-American of me, right? How can be so uninterested in such history- making events. But I'm tired of it. We live in Illinois but our news is out of Iowa, and I'm tired of hearing about it and I'm tired of the ads, and I'm tired of playing guess who's on the campaign trail with so-and-so. I'm tired of the I did/will change this country single-handedly, and no one else could possibly do a good job in the white house but me speeches.  I'm tired of I will take away tax breaks from everyone but you the poor and down trodden, and I will singlehandedly give you health care, and I'm tired of Who a better Christian for the White house? cmon you know its so-and-so...

I'[m tired of the obvious flaws and falsehoods in everyone's campaigns and promises. Hillary is going to take the tax breaks from the oil companies..  great so when Gas is $5 a gallon and we can buy groceries or fuel that will be better for us..  Obama and his long illustrious service to the state of Illinois..  hmmm... service to Chicago maybe.   And Edwards.. thinks he will singlehandedly take away health care from Congress if they dont bow down to him and pass universal health care..

And yes I'm conservative.. but I'm tired of the republican party being to scared to address the health care problems.. and we obviously have them. And I'm tired of them all refusing to acknowledge the need for a middle ground in the pro life arena. (Yes I'm pro-life, but our country is not ready to make abortion illegal.)

I'm really tired of the fight over who we should be taxing and who deserves help from the government, because it seems like no matter who is making the rules as owners of a business, trying to make it, and barely scraping by.. we get screwed every time



Yeah.. I'm tired of the political agenda on both sides of the coin.... from your party and mine..

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QotD: (Not) Far From Home

How far from your last home do you live? Why did you move and are you glad you did? 
Submitted by Matthew 25.

We didn't move far really, just outside of  town. Mapquest says 7 miles driving.. I think it's probably 5 miles as the crow flies.

We moved from a tiny rental house in a rapidly deteriorating neighborhood, to a big farm house in the country. Both places have their advantages and disadvantages, but we are glad we moved, the horses are here with us, and the hubby can park his truck in the yard and work on it here.  and the kids get to grow up in the country. Our power bill is a little higher in a bigger house that lacks the insulation the other house lacked and our load payment is higher than our rent had been. Both worth it, in the argument of rent versus own, for us.

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