Thursday, May 31, 2007

10 Years.

10 years we have been married. I celebrated with one child, he celebrates with the other halfway across the country.

10 years, sometimes I'm surprised it has really been 10 years, it seems to have flown by.. 

In the 10 years we have been married

we have

had 2 children, both c-section
bought a house on 16 acres
bought 7 semi's
sold 6 semi's, if you are keeping track it means we only have 1
bought 5 semi-trailers
sold 2 and lost one, long story, don't ask
kept the same dog, and she is getting old poor puppy.
bought a horse
been given a pony
gained a few pounds... not evenly distributed, I might add.
moved twice. and oh how I hate to move....
had 5 different cars/vehicles sold 2 trades one in and I wrecked one.
went into business with a partner
learned going into business with a partner was a mistake

QotD: I'd Like To Thank...

If you had a CD or album coming out, who would you thank in the liner notes?

There but for the grace of God go I.  And ThankYou to my Husband of 10 years for being on the journey with me. Thanks to all my family and friends, you help make me who I am.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tagged again...

It could take me a week to think of 8 things...  I'm not very good at these but I'll play anyway.

I was tagged by maura_ea

Firstly, the rules:
Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
People who are tagged need to also post these rules in their blog.
At the end of your blog, you need to choose 8 people to be tagged and list them.
Send an email telling them they are tagged or leave a comment doing the same.

8 Random Facts/Habits about Maura:

1.When I play free cell on the computer I like to put the aces in a certain order.. I'd rather restart the game to get them in the order I want than win with them out of order.

2. My favorite time of the day is sunrise, but I like to enjoy it under the covers with my feet out of the blankets dangling in the breeze from the open windows. This is behavior learned at Girl Scout camp where I was a counselor and a camper for years on end.

3. If I had thought of it, I would have gone to school to be a Park Ranger or Scout Camp Ranger. I'd have lived at camp if I could have. It was home for me, and this house is home for me because of the similarities.

4.I never wanted anything more than being a wife and a mother. I like the other things I have done, in school jobs I have held, In fact I love the things I have done, but nothing compares to having a small child's eyes light up because you are coming to their "Teddy Bear Picnic" at school.

5. I like my coffee like I like my men, strong, blond and sweet.  The first time I said that t my husband (then my boyfriend) he turned a shade of red I did not think was possible on a human face.

6. Thursday is my Hubby and my 10th anniversary. I really wanted to have a big picnic with all our family and friends.. but we don't have the funds for it.. I guess we will have to do that for our 15th..oh heck  maybe the 11th or 12th...  I think whenever we have even remotely close to enough $ to throw a party we will.

7. as an adult all my favorite colors are earth tones... when I was young I liked everything.. especially girly colors, but I always thought it was strange that I liked camouflage.... like it wasn't made to be liked for the color scheme so why did I? I no longer have those hang-ups about why I like  color nor do I care what it says about me or if people think I'm weird.

8. I say ROFL out loud. pronounced Rah-ful, I even have a beta named Rofl.. his "brothers" are Ty, Lol, and Shishy.

Wow I did it..

now who to tag....


wont hurt my feelings if you dont have the time this trip around ;)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

QotD: Memorial Day

Do you know any war veterans?
Submitted by Fightin' 6th Marines.

My mom's brother, my Uncle Charlie fought in Vietnam. and my dad's Father and Uncle were both in the navy(the Uncle was shipped out in WWII, but grandpa was ready to go when the war ended), and their father, fought in WWI.

My husband was in the National Guard , but was never called to active duty.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

QotD: This Is Who I Am

In 5 words or less, who are you? 
Submitted by dejablu503.

creative nurturing caring weird woman

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I want a chainsaw for Christmas

I turned the radio down and said, "what did you say Boo?", And my 4-year-old repeated just what I was sure he had not said. "I want a chainsaw for Christmas" Stifling a chuckle at the preposterous comment, I replied, "Chainsaw aren't toys, I don't think you will be getting one for Christmas, buddy."

"I want a red toy chainsaw, so I can help Daddy, help Santa cut down trees"

so there you have it. apparently the regular toy saw that came with the other plastic tools just isn't good enough to help Daddy and Santa cut down Christmas trees. He needs more power.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

One of these days....

I will walk outside to find my horse has not head.. she will have stuck it into a place it does not belong and rather than wait for help like the pony, she will have yanked and pulled and popped off her big lunky head in an attempt to free herself. It will just be sitting out there is the pasture.

That is if she doesn't get a raging infection or blood poisoning from catching her leg in the fence already this week.

Now I'm off to wash the wounds with iodine, cold hose the leg and redress everything.


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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

There's always some reason...

to feel not good enough.

Being on dial-up, once I bother to wait for something I like to load on YouTube I leave it up for awhile and enjoy it. (I have White and Nerdy up for about a week) Currently I have up Sarah McLachlan and Josh Groban singing In the Arms of the Angels, for some reason the early part of the song, especially the line, "there is always some reason to feel not good enough" are spending a lot of time in my head, niggling my brain and wanting to be heard.

Maybe I'm just tired. Maybe I'm ready for summer, so I can have a break. Everyday I drive the kids to school, its 10 miles to school, and children have to be gotten to the car in a way similar to rounding up a herd of cattle. Then there is the ebb and flow of the traffic at school. And despite watching it for an entire year I'm still surprised, shocked, and irritated at the way some parents drive on the school grounds.(Yes Mrs BrownieLeaderSpeedDemon , I mean you, 35mph in a grade school parking lot is unacceptable)  And so the whole adventure, takes an hour minimum. and normally there is an AM trip and a PM trip. 40 miles a day. In my battered and beat Blazer that is about $10 worth of gas per day.

Maybe our financial woes are part of my negativity. We are currently paying off the credit cards we foolishly ran up in our earlier lives, While we are getting ahead on those debts, we are still behind routinely on our other bills, they get paid they just don't get paid on time. It is frustrating, It feels like we are filling the holes we have by digging new holes. And just like if we dug actual holes in our yard filling the old hole with dirt we take from a new spot making a new hole, we can eventually even things out .. sort of.. but the yard, or our credit will never be the same.  We have been caught in this cycle for awhile. Almost 5 years now. We could be out of this cycle if we had not gone into business with a big talker who robbed us blind. Ah well, live and learn.

The frustration with never getting ahead comes and goes. I guess for now it has come.

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