Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm having a good hair day..

and I didn't have anywhere to wear it.

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The trouble with Roosters

Is not that they are loud noisy or anything like that. It is that they are rude. A couple days after i took this lovely picture of Zeke, he attacked me. Earning him a beating with my shoe, and a game of hide and seek with the crazy snow shovel wielding psycho lady who takes care of all the critters. If he does it again he could be turned into a pie.

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A different Iris

I snapped a few shots of this Iris before I was interupted, by my brother-in-law, and then I never got back out to snap anymore. This was my least favorite shot in the camera, due to the framing, and yet out of the camera and on the screen, it is my favorite. go figure.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Snagged from R. G. Ryan

1) What was I doing 10 years ago?

I was married barely a year, and I would have been on my second summer of custom wheat Harvest, driving a combine.

2) What are 5 things on my to-do list for today?

Today is essentially over. But my list was short, Get haircut, feed children and animals, buy a few essentials.

3) Snacks I enjoy: what food dont I enjoy...  I love kettle cooked chips from target. And there are few fruits and veggies i dont like. and chocolate is always good.

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Pay off all my debt, start savings for retirement and college for kids. Give to my church, and then invest in good people I know who are struggling to get by day to day.

5) Places I have lived: Various places in the state of Illinois, a little schooling in the Terre Haute, In area, and a short jaunt at a job in PA.

6) Jobs I have had: Cashier at a steak house, Girl Scout Camp Counselor, Horse Breeding Farm Slave, Camp Horseback Riding Director/Instructor,  Stable Grunt/Assistant Trainer, Retail Grunt, Animal Shelter Grunt, Combine Operator, Retail Boutique Grunt/Cashier, Wife, Mother

7) Bloggers I am tagging who I will enjoy getting to know better:

Everyone in my neighborhood!!!

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expensive chickens

Back in April I ordered five Americauna chicks from the farm store. And after we had had them for a month,  the dog in a fit of jealousy and getting into things she shouldn't, let them out of their box, and proceeded to pounce or play or grab and shake them while no one was home. She killed all five of them.

I was heartbroken, and incredibly angry. The dog, was very close to being killed or taken to the pound. I know someone out there is thinking, but she is just a dog. Yep, just a dog. But a dog who tore up the kitchen, that day, drug a bag of garbage into the bedroom to destroy, and urinated and defecated on my bedroom floor. She was willfully  disobedient.

She did not chew mangle or eat the chicks, and that is the only reason she is not gone. She screwed up, she destroyed and got into things she knew she shouldn't, so she got in serious trouble, and she spent a week in her kennel, only getting out to eat and go out side to stretch, and "go". Hubby was ready to take her to the pound, I was so angry. And had she eaten the chicks, I'd have let him. There is no fixing a chicken eater.

We are partly responsible, as we did not lock the kennel. So the blame is split. Last week the boys and I went out to check on and play with the kittens and in a jealous fit she destroyed the kitchen garbage. So, she obviously can't be left out of the kennel if we are not in the house. And when I take showers or have to go to the basement to do laundry I lock her up.

I ordered more chickens. It was too late to get more from the farm store, and hatcheries who ship to you have to ship about 20 to ensure that the chicks are warm enough to survive the trip. After some investigating I ordered from a hatchery in Missouri, that Hubby could get a load going past and pick up the chicks. He got a load going the other way. :|  So, I had to go get the chicks or forfeit the order.

$100 in gas and 13 hours in the car. Half of which was spent listening to the chicks peep. Incessantly. Apparently the reason they don't travel well is because they don't sleep.  These girls has better lay some really fantastic eggs.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Cat came back

Hooray!! I heard her out in the rose bush about noon, caterwauling and making the most gosh-awful cat in need of a good *ahem* -ing noises...  she is in heat something fierce, but hopefully it means she is not pregnant from her escapade outdoors. Gotta call the vet about that in heat thing soon.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

i feel sick..

Our cat got out. and she hasn't come back. I think she was hiding in a bush close to the house when I opened the door on Saturday night, but that was before I knew she had even gotten out, and I thought nothing of the rustling, we get all kinds of country critter visits. We live near a busy road, there are coyotes near by..

oh.. she makes me crazy sometimes, but i still feel sick.

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Monday, June 9, 2008

As Luck would have it....

I found the first this little gem in my yard this week.

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Tired Kitty

So tired and so cute. Last year, we where adopted by a kitty, she  quickly began to waddle, after moving into our garage. And soon after gave birth to one kitten. Mama wasn't too friendly, but that was ok, my husband the kitty whisperer, sat outside and made friends with her, and when the kitten was big enough to explore, I sat around outside with my camera, making friends with them both. The kitten adapted to us quickly, Mama is still shy. We named the kitten Squirt.

 Squirt had five kittens this spring. Five. I have not idea how that little cat could have been carrying five kittens.Really I was thinking one or two was a nice number.

But they are so cute, and completely irresistible. I dont know how anyone can not like kittens.

Snicket was really tired, and tired of me. But I kept shooting anyway. Isn't he cute?

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Friday, June 6, 2008

five years is a long time..

Five years is a long time for the life of a digital camera. Yes, five years., I have been shooting with a 3meg Sony Cybershot. We paid about $600 for it when all was said and done. And the first pictures we took of it where all of the arrival of our second child.

 It died. The lens started to click last week, and then it had a psychotic breakdown. Now the lens doesnt move, open, click, nothing. The last picture it took was the boys last day of school, and it would not focus. So I have a blurry picture of their last day. It is dead dead dead. I think the lens  motor died or the gears broke. I looked around the internet and found Best Buy was selling the Nikon D40 started kit with an extra lens.

My husband bought it for our anniversary!!!

I have a real camera!!!!

Hubby picked it up at a store in Indiana last Friday, and plugged in the battery so it would be ready to go when he got here with it. On Saturday we went to a birthday party (sans hubby), and came home to Hubby, and new camera about 11pm. (But he left the battery in his truck! At his brothers house where he had stopped to get an old farm pickup trailer and haul home a tractor and a mower. So I had to be patient. Sunday we went to church, went to get the baler and wheel rake we bought,  which should have taken us 30 minutes... It didn't. We spent the day fighting the old farm pick-up that apparently needs a fuel pump. (We had Taco Bell for dinner, on the side of the road while the truck cooled off) In the end Hubby's friend Todd had to drive over in his GMC dually and drag our sorry butts home. At 10pm we set off to go get the semi, and my camera battery.

I outfitted a cute pink and green bag with cushy guts for the camera to live, and then I set it all on the bed so I could read the manual, then went to brush my teeth. Hubby walked to the bed and quipped, "baby is not sleeping with us". I didn't make his let me, I put the bag on the floor, but I could hear her whimpering



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