Monday, June 9, 2008

Tired Kitty

So tired and so cute. Last year, we where adopted by a kitty, she  quickly began to waddle, after moving into our garage. And soon after gave birth to one kitten. Mama wasn't too friendly, but that was ok, my husband the kitty whisperer, sat outside and made friends with her, and when the kitten was big enough to explore, I sat around outside with my camera, making friends with them both. The kitten adapted to us quickly, Mama is still shy. We named the kitten Squirt.

 Squirt had five kittens this spring. Five. I have not idea how that little cat could have been carrying five kittens.Really I was thinking one or two was a nice number.

But they are so cute, and completely irresistible. I dont know how anyone can not like kittens.

Snicket was really tired, and tired of me. But I kept shooting anyway. Isn't he cute?

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  1. I'm shocked at the five kittens too! Usually when we got five kittens it was from a fully grown cat - never a kitten. She even looks small in this picture :)

  2. this is one of the kittens, zoomed way in. They are about 5 weeks I think. Just over a week ago she brought them all up the back door. Now they are in the dark garage its harder to get shots of them.

  3. Oh so very sweet if you want them to be friendly you need to handle them now, the more you handle them as very young kittens the more human friendly they are and less wary, if they get abused now this is when they get they're miss trust of humans from (I’ve got cat's with & without issues) it’s up to you. If my mum would let me we would have probably had a pack of cats & dogs I was always finding them & they always followed me home we nearly always managed to find the owners (dame it!) I used to be the local dog & cat sitter/ walker when I was a kid to earn money & to keep me happy
    I’ve only got 4 cats at the moment, with Liz being so possessive it will be a while before I can have more plus everyone else seems to think that’s enough! LoL
    Anyhoo better put the nose back to the grind stone Seeya Hugya *G*

  4. They are all but one very handle-able, and she is shy, but if she gets close we can pick her up without growls. The one pictured who bit me over and over quit that after a couple days, and now two come to get head scritchies regularly, the two next two will stop for a scritch if they are already close, but that last one she comes for the food. the two friendlies purr readily, the next two purr off and on, haven't heard the shy one purr yet. We brought plenty of animals home, some got to stay, some didn't. Now they all stay.