Friday, January 4, 2008

QotD: (Not) Far From Home

How far from your last home do you live? Why did you move and are you glad you did? 
Submitted by Matthew 25.

We didn't move far really, just outside of  town. Mapquest says 7 miles driving.. I think it's probably 5 miles as the crow flies.

We moved from a tiny rental house in a rapidly deteriorating neighborhood, to a big farm house in the country. Both places have their advantages and disadvantages, but we are glad we moved, the horses are here with us, and the hubby can park his truck in the yard and work on it here.  and the kids get to grow up in the country. Our power bill is a little higher in a bigger house that lacks the insulation the other house lacked and our load payment is higher than our rent had been. Both worth it, in the argument of rent versus own, for us.

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