Friday, July 21, 2006

something spectacular

I always feel like my first post message board whatever.. should be something spectacular.. Something people read and think .... well think something besides *yawn* why am i reading this???


but really I don't think I've done it anywhere else yet, so why should here be any different. *smirk*  I'm not an accomplished writer, and I never was very good at journaling.


So why do I ? Maybe it is like a train wreck.. you know the proverbial you don't want to look but you cant look away? i have such a lack when it come to using language to convey my thoughts and feelings yet I feel the need to try; to try to paint that picture to save that feeling or memory somehow. I think essentially it is why i like to take pictures... because sometimes the picture really does look like the moment i saw when i clicked released the shutter.


now if my journal entries gave me the same feeling.....


so... why Key Lime Twist? why not? I mean...  i love Key Lime... pie .. smoothies .. lemonade .. cheesecake .. I have yet to meet a key lime flavored anything i didn't like... but it isn't a mainstream desert flavor.. and  I'm a Vanilla girl the rest of the time.... (yes i like chocolate as in the substance) but for flavor? I'm a classic vanilla.. nothing beats vanilla ice cream....  


and I guess that is kind of how I think of myself.. nothing really extraordinary just your plain old vanilla.. with a weird little fruity twist...

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