Sunday, July 23, 2006

Praying Mantis

preying......praying ... it isn't  doing either .. it is in the bug house we catch lightning bugs with... and its doing nothing.. i put a fly in with it and a little green dragoflylike thing.. it wants neither apparently..


I was weeding outside when I came across  the critter... he's big brown and wingless... and after some research I have concuded he is an nymph (no wings) possibly a male (8 segments on his abdomen) and i think a chinese mantis (guessing from photos found on the web)

It doesnt seem all that unusual to keep mantids as pets... there is quite a bit of information about it... I'm just trying to decide if I want to do it knowing that in November or December he will probably die and I will have to talk about death with the kids yet again...  Frankly I dont want to have that chat... this past year we have lost a preschool teacher and my Grandfather.  Plus the dog is aging.. so I imagine we will be having that chat before I'm ready. I'm wondering the big bug and I arent both better off with me releasing it back outside.... or if I will be standing outside dumbfounded when a bird snaches my little friend and eats him..

All this worry over a bug.....




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