Sunday, July 23, 2006

Butterfly Dance

I was not really paying attention.... i had started the water in the trough and I walked up the hill to the gate. I was really watching the hawk on the other side of the pasture.... he was hard to miss.. he was screaming as loud as he could, from the top branch of that tree.... And then i saw it, a glint of gold, a butterfly lit on the nearest tree branch, between myself and the setting sun. The golden light of late day thought the orange wings of the butterfly where spectacular an amazing color.... The butterfly fluttered around a bit and then lit on the branch once more.. then another butterfly went flitting past.. and it started.. their fluttery little dance... they flew in tandem... for about 10 feet then they would flutter in a circle  round one another for a few moments .. then fly in tandem again. this went on for about five minutes, and then they disappeared. I returned to the water trough to shut off the water.. and when i walked back the gate, there it was back on the same branch, alone.

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