Wednesday, January 17, 2007

*sigh of relief*

Yesterday, my husband had a DOT Audit. Think Trucking business nightmare...  The US DOT(Dept. of Transportation) can shut you down if your paperwork is not perfect. We had to clean off our Dining room table.. the catchall for all the pieces of mail and schoolwork that come into this house, so the auditor could set up his laptop and printer. My husband wanted to offer him coffee, so I made coffee. And at 9 am he arrived, beginning the audit my husband had been dreading and getting stressed about for a month or so....

There was a problem in the paperwork , that had he been a self righteous ass, he could have shut the business down for, but he did not. Instead he worked with my husband to get what he needed right with the paperwork and be sure he knew what he needs to get done asap. Hooray!! o/

Over all he was a nice guy, not out to get us or anything like that. I get tired of people taking out their frusteration with the Government at large on individual employees. The ladies working in our local IRS office are super. As is the gal who rents our pasture, she works for the Dept. of Children and Families. I did not intend to rant about this.. but I do feel when we mouth off about the Government.. (and I do it too) we are being unfair to the members of the Govt. workforce, they are part of the Government. Food for thought for myself as much as anyone else...

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  1. Wow... I can only imagine how stressful that would have been. Even then I’d probably have to multiply that by ten.That some fine food for thought you offer. It’s the same way up here in Canada, the way people mouth off about the Government. I (being a gov-employee) appreciate your kind words... I like to think I’m one of those that people would be described the way you did these kind folks.Cheers... and CONGRATS!

  2. Same here in the UK. Government sucks and they are responsible for everything and anything, but try and get people voting to change things............