Tuesday, January 30, 2007

the sound of billiard balls clicking against one another

Except it wasn't the sound of billiard balls clicking against one another, it was the sound of frozen horse apples clicking against one another..... I do believe hell hath frozen over. The horses are hiding, first behind the corn crib and now in the lean to, because I threw hay in there.

 I don't know what the temperature is because I have not checked, but I swear I could feel the blood vessels in my face freezing up while I was outside... despite that.... I find horse feeding time to be a relaxing time of the day. I give my horses their feed buckets, then I clean the poop out of the lean to.  I then throw hay over the fence to Paco and Ginger the boarding horses then I throw hay in the lean to for Joe and Cat. I think its the small bit of manual labor combined with the interaction with the beasties that makes it a relaxing thing for me to do, despite "old man Winter's" penchant for abusing the Midwest.

You would think I would be looking forward to spring... yes and no. Spring would be a great time of year if it wasn't for the mud. But its a hard choice, bitter face freezing cold or mud up to the eyeballs....

I'll get back to you in the fall... ;)

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