Tuesday, January 30, 2007

QotD: Trendspotting

Have you ever started a trend? Followed one?
Submitted by It's Raining Calculators.

In grade school one year we made Valentines for Sister Justina, a deaf nun who worked in our cafeteria, she was always teaching us a few little bits of sign language here and there, and of course she had taught us "I love you." To make a personal card for Sister I traced my hand making the "I love you" sign. No sooner had I finished my card than every one... EVERY ONE, in my class decided to do the same. I was not flattered, I was irritated, I had put alot of thought into a way to make my card special for Sister and she was never going to know. I was even more irritated when my teacher refused to tell Sister I had the idea first.

Still, even now I would rather be unique than be a trend starter.

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