Friday, January 19, 2007

QotD: Send For Help! Or Not...

You're trapped in a (temporarily) out of order elevator - who would you like to be trapped with? 
Submitted by tbtissimus.

My first very thought was my husband... someone who would not panic... but really in those kinds of situation if I'm with someone who does panic, my need to be the non-panic-er kicks in pretty fast. And my next thought was maybe a good conversationalist with food... so if we are trapped for any length of time we would have something to eat.... and we could just sit and chat to pass the time.

OR I'm not sure I'd want to waste the opportunity to be trapped with any number of people I would enjoy the time with...

There are a whole host of political figures I would not mind being trapped with so I could actually say to them... "What in the world where you thinking?" and really... "did you really have our best interests at heart? or do you still?" or "if you do still have our best interests at heart.. please consider that owning up to a mistake is a big brave bold thing to do.. and you should try it."

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  1. Ooh, I hadn't thought of the politician angle. Wouldn't that be great? Of course, I can picture some of them sticking their fingers in their ears and making funny noises rather than listening.

  2. Political figures, I would never have thought of that! Perhaps you might have to be in there a good while before you got a straight answer lol!

  3. I'm a mom I can deal with and play at that finger in the ears game with the best of them ;)