Sunday, January 7, 2007

the south american toilet

We have lived in our new house for a year. We moved last January. We weren't looking to buy a house... really we weren't, but a historical farmhouse on 16 acres crept up on us and surprised us. We happened to see the ad in the paper, and decided to take a look at the house. By the time we looked the house had been pulled of the market in an attempt to rent it. We thought about renting to buy, but with some family help financially, we ended up buying the house instead.

Besides the 16 rolling acres of pasture there are other things we really liked about the house.... (mind you we were renting a 800 square foot, 5 room story and a half, that was falling down around us,  in a semi pseudo questionable neighborhood to boot.) We liked that the house is in the country, with property, we have 2 neighbors who are close enough to call in an emergency but not close enough to look into our windows. The house is 150 years old, and the molding in the front rooms around the windows and doors is beautiful, although it could do with a "touch-up" (strip the 8 layers of paint off and such)

Upstairs is a small room and a big room. The kids bedroom is the small room and the big room is the toy room. Upstairs. not in the living room under our feet in front of the tv all the time. Just off the toy room is a small bathroom, my guess is it was a closet oh so long ago. (Before indoor plumbing.) A very small but definitely usable bathroom. it had an ill fitting mustard yellow toilet seat. so I took that seat to Lowe's bought one the same size (or so i thought) dropped and broke the yellow one in the store and so threw it away.. came home and found the seat was even bigger and more ill fitting than the other one. and so I began to investigate this toilet... inside the tank is a make and model... after some Google searching I found the company's website. They are in South America. There is one page of the site translated into English, the welcome page. and they do not make a toilet seat that fits this toilet anymore either.  It appears that no one does.  Even the Kohler baby bowl is too big.

So.. the toilet has no seat and the boys will not use it because it has no seat.. (yes they both stand) so, no, they don't need the seat... but they wont go in that toilet.  much to my chagrin....

and I'd like to know why there is a South American toilet in my house in the first place.....

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  1. I can't decide what's funnier: that the toilet is from South America or that your boys won't use it.

  2. I cant believe how long I have searched for a seat without finding one... :PThe younger child will use the toilet in the middle of the night if my husband steers him to it.. i think he's too sleepy to protest, or to know what toilet he is facing .. lol.. but the older one .. you would think that toilet breathed fire when I wasn't looking the way he refuses to use it....

  3. I gues because South America is used to getting crapped on by North America, so it seemd like a good fit. But seriously I remember as a kid my step mom made us use the downstairs toilet instead of the upstairs toilet. It made us feel like second class citizens. Like we were not good enough to piss in thier toilet so they had one in the dark and moldy basement that was suited for our ilk. Just a thought.

  4. it could be a little of that.. it just surprised me they would not use a toilet that had no seat which they didn't need .... plus they have to run so far down stairs from the playroom to use the other.. I do clean it... so it isn't all dusty and moldy... its cleaner than the regular toilet since they aren't dripping all over it... lol

  5. LOL, I remember the days of constant bathroom touch-ups when my boys hadn't perfected their 'aim'.

  6. i had one of them wiping it up right away for awhile.. but alas he didn't keep on doing it.