Saturday, December 30, 2006

Merry Christmas to me...

It's hard to feel good about Christmas when one by one the flu picks off the members of your family with the accuracy of a military trained sniper.

The day school let out, we went to spend the evening with a friend, S. S's daughter M, goes to school with Ian. While I stayed later than bedtime for the kids, to help pick up the toys the kids had spread everywhere... My son got sick and threw up all over the living room and dining room as he raced to the bathroom where there was a child already using the facilities. So thinking of the carpet.. I put him into the kitchen so at least he would be on a surface that was easier to clean...  Thank God S, has a rug cleaner. (and while I know People cant help when they get sick, and I would not be angry if someone was sick at my house, Its hard not be somewhat embarrassed)  After we left M got sick, too, we think it was going around school.

We had our usual Christmas Eve family get together on the 23rd Saturday night, at which I was wearing a brand new bargain skirt and Jamie threw up all over me, and my new skirt. thank god we had gone in our regular clothes and I had taken another set of clothes.

On Christmas Eve we spent the day with Scott's brother, and I spent the day sitting in a cozy chair concentrating heavily on big breath in... nothing comes back up... I managed not to vomit, but i was still sick.. didn't eat for about 48 hours.

Late on Christmas Day I finally felt well enough to go to my Mom's house about 4 pm .. and on the way home my husband  was hit with bug....

It picked us off one by one and being the last two hit Hubby and I where tired and sore and worthless while the kids where already starting to feel better.

It didn't seem much like Christmas having spent it n a blur of nausea. And to add insult to injury our live tree would not drink its water and it dried out so badly I was afraid to turn on the lights.

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  1. Oh, no! Even the tree was sick. I hope your family gets back on their feet soon.

  2. I remember as a kid this happened in our household, too. I had 5 brothers and 5 sisters so lots of barfing was going on, My brother, to be polite, tried to keep his mouth closed but when it came out his nose, began screaming. I hated throwing up and had real will power. After thinking I was going to die from stomach pain, I finally decided emptying my stomach was not so bad. That was probably from food poisoning, though.

  3. Yeah we over here at MainMors have had it. MY oldest daughter never threw up but pretty much every one else did. Now I didn't throw up but had a dry heaving 3 year old to look after so I didn't have time.

  4. the flu is gone but I have a cold.... LOL

  5. Oh.. 10+ people getting sick did you mom set you all in the back yard? lol I cant imagine the amount of cleaning we'd have had to do at my friends house if her 3 and my 2 had all gotten ill at once!

  6. Our saving grace was being sick one at a time... thank God for small favors.