Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I get tired of seeing...

.. "original" hand made items for sale that use someone else's copyrighted art. I have about 10 seen pieces by 2 people today all violating copyright.

If I where a cat I would be flipping my tail around.

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  1. Do you mean, like people who stitch Hello Kitty onto a hat - or something else?

  2. that kind of thing... today it was photo transfers on polymer clay.. I guess knowing how to do them and knowing that using the copyrighted work is such a huge no-no.. it gets under my skin....I make them for others with their pictures.. and people try to slip me studio work all the time and tell me it isn't a professional picture.. until I explain to them we could both have our butts sued off.. and it isn't worth losing my house.yeah... this is a soapbox issue for me I guess.