Tuesday, June 19, 2007

QotD: Also Known As

What other names did your parents consider for you?


While my Mom was pregnant with me, they stayed with a family friend in the Orlando area, Uncle Phil. My Mom had a few scares while pregnant with me. She hemorrhaged,  lost a lot of blood, and all this scared Uncle Phil half to death.  Because of his concern for the family, and his amazing amount of help with my older siblings (both toddlers) while my Mom was unwell and in and out of the ER, my Mom wanted to name me after Uncle Phil. His given name is Phillip Michael,  so Phyllis Michelle. My Dad did not like the name Phyllis and refused to let my Mom name me Phyllis. So I became Michelle, and as Michelle Phyllis did flow my mom went with a rather generic middle name.

Uncle Phil passed away when I was pregnant with my second child, and his second middle name IS Phillip. added on in Memory of Uncle Phil.

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