Friday, July 6, 2007

Mama Kitty, aka Peach II

So our black and white, male cat, Tux, who adopted us last summer, has brought home a wife, and she has had a kitten. She is still leary of us and so every time we find her kitten she moves it on us.

 I spotted it when she moved it closer to the house up to the garage at about 2 weeks, and she immediately moved it. Then hubby found it in the shed the next week, and so we gave it a good checking out, yes we handled it.. Eyes open hissing little threatening baby hisses at us.  And now mama is hiding her baby under the garage. We cant get to it. We were hoping if we could get our hands on it we could remedy the babies fear of us just a bit and have a head start at being friends, since Mama only visits for th e food.

The kids would like to see the kitten too but alas, I cannot fit under the scary garage to get a hold of it. .. I guess we will have to bribe Mama AND Baby to be our friends......

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