Saturday, August 25, 2007


Thursday was the first day of school for the kids. It was rough to have to get up early, we didn't maintain that over the summer.  All the way to school "J", told me he did not want to go. got out of the truck pouting, and would not stand for a picture at the school door.

We walked "I" to his room dropped off the classroom supplies, and then, I walked "J" to his room. He pouted still, but we went in and I asked his teacher to mark his name on his box, because I had forgotten. and he began to play with a new classmate. Pouting over. "J" is in a Pre-K Montessori class, and while they will be all day everyday, their first day was only an hour. "J" and I had about 2 hours to kill before "I" was out; we went to Target, to buy a gallon of milk and a couple other things. No milk. And I forgot that "I" needed a belt for his school uniform. So after we picked up "I" LATE!!! we returned to Target. (we were late because all the notes home for half day dismissal said 11 and they actually got out at 10:45. Thank God I wasn't the only one late. about 75% of the parents where late.

Back to Target to buy a belt. Then onto the grocery store for milk. And then, we headed to Farmking. Normally we would dally through FarmKing, go look at toys wander through the clearance area, but since we had a gallon of milk in the car we went to the horse feed grabbed what we needed and headed for the cat food, where I debated about which dog food to get the farm cats. They catch mice and birds and so they get enough protein from that, even when we bought them cat food they preferred the dog's food. I figure they know best and if they prefer dog food there is a reason.

We made our purchases and hopped back into the truck.  (We are currently driving a borrowed Ford pickup with a bench seat)  So the bags of feed and food had to go in the back of the truck. We turned West out  FarmKing's lot to face a huge storm front.  Normally we would have 20 minutes or more to get home before a front I could see to the west would hit us.. not so this time. That sucker was moving fast, we raced it home so I could get the feed out of the truck before it got soaked. I barely made it, the sideways rain soaked me in a matter of a couple minutes while I put the feed away. And the wind made it nearly impossible to get back into the truck , I could hardly get the door open.

We pulled up to teh house and sat there debating what to do. "J" was terribly upset and wanted to go in the house, and so in the end we made a run for it. All 3 of us getting soaked on the way. Once inside we pulled off our wet clothes, pulled on something dry, and in a matter of less than 5 minutes the storm had passed.

Its a good thing we had a gallon of milk in the car, or we'd have been longer in Farm King, we might not have gotten in our driveway, or worse we might have been in just the wrong place at the wrong moment.

Thank God it fell on the driveway not the power lines.

In addition to that tree,  one of our maples lost a big limb , right down on the place our little tin shed, used to be. The shed is now in the middle of my pasture. Upside down. And a few smaller limbs littered the driveway.

What a day for the first day of school. The Second day was canceled, due to power outages all over town.... "J" is sure he doesn't have to go back. Oy.

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  1. Sounds like an eventful first day of school... Glad you made it in before the storm. Is today the second day of schoo now?

  2. me too :)It was quite the day, Today was kind of like a second first day.

  3. Glad you were safe and sound when that tree fell!