Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Smitten the kitten


  1. I just had a read through your "Yikes!" post. Now, tell me again why I should ever want to have kids. :-)
    And, BTW, I'm not a cat person...but this one's a keeper.

  2. Kids are a lot like cats, they have their good moments and they are darn cute too. ;) I'm a firm believer that people who don't want kids should not have them lol so I don't try to convince those people they have to have kids. Now if you are on the fence.... :)I'm not much of a cat person per se, but this baby was headed to the pound, and I am a soft touch. I figured what the heck, if she's a problem inside she can live outside. So far she's doing well and she's killing crickets, and that is quite the endearing quality this time of year, hopefully she'll move on to big game (mice) this winter.