Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The small shiny black cricket choir...

The shiny black cricket choir is practicing at my house. Normally the quartet practices in the kitchen, while the soloist prefers the acoustics in the bathroom. They are driving me bananas!! There is one hiding behind the fridge where I simply cannot get to it, and he only knows two notes and cannot keep a discernible rhythm to save his life.I did not get my husband to move the fridge this weekend so i could stomp the little booger, and it just wont die!! Likewise the one in the bathroom is under the floor of the cabinet.. I cant reach it either. I'd go buy spray except that spray will make the chickens and cats sick if they eat a sprayed bug, plus the spray will kill the other things in its path around the outside of the house like praying mantises killing them as well.

Maybe the first killing frost of the year really cant come too soon? but for now its just me and the choir, and a flipflop.

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