Thursday, September 13, 2007

So much to say so little time.

I have been going to post about 7 or 8 different things in the last week or so.. and none of it has happened.

First I was going to post about my birthday, last Friday.  35 years old. I don't feel 35. Or 35 doesn't feel as old as I used to think it would.  But really it hasn't made me think about me... I have been thinking of the technological advancements and the leaps and bounds by which technology has gotten smaller and more personal. When I was in 12  or 13, my dad had a scientific calculator, he had paid an enormous amount of money for it, $500 plus today you buy its equal at Walmart for $30   I remember when I was in High School and CD's where new to the market. All the music I bought back then was in cassette tape form. Now you cant buy a cassette tape. (not saying that's bad) And Computers, I learned bits and pieces of basic computing on an Atari 1600.  And our favorite game was something the Engineers at work pirated and passed around at Dad's office. it was called Chicken and it was like frogger. It was less sophisticated than the games that come on cell phones!! I'm amazed and dumbfounded sometimes. I'm amazed and dumbfounded that this is just the merest drop in the bucket of technological advances in my life. amazing.

I have also been going to Blog about my flock of chickens. They are laying eggs!!! all three have been laying for just over 3 weeks. Before the latecomer to the dance, Rachel, started to lay, Guinny and Grace had been laying for about 2 weeks or so. Guinny is definitely the prize laying hen of the group, large pretty white speckled tan eggs. Got a huge egg yesterday, its sure to have 2 yolks. The roosters are crazy, we might have to have roast rooster for thanksgiving if something doesn't change. Spot chases down my husband and tries to attack his shoes. and Zeke chased the 4 year old in an attempt to filch his package of crackers... kicking a rooster square in the butt can lift them about 6 feet off the ground (granted they flap and try to get away, creating some extra lift)

The monarchs are back so it seems.. but I have only seem 3 this morning and 20 or so the other night. None on the tree they spent all the time in last year.

I'm sure their where other things I wanted to blog about....

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  1. Congrats on your birthday!! Even though I dreaded 30 and 31, you are right somehow when I was 18 those years seemed soo much more ancient. Now, it's just a the next step.

  2. Welcome to the 35 club! You don’t actually “get” anything but I’ll say what I did rather gain: Somehow, as lame as it sounds, I now feel like “I’m wearing shorts and they show cellulite on the backs of my legs. Gross, huh? Like I care.”That’s a nice addition to my life.

  3. I think I figured I'd have kids sooner and so I'd feel older because of that.

  4. happy belated birthday! i'll be in the "35 club" with you in a matter of months. :)
    i'm reading all the things about the technological advancements in your entry, and i remember those days, on casettes and atari in the classroom....
    have a great weekend!

  5. Ty for the birthday wishes! the 35 club isn't bad... but I'm still a little suprized I'm here. lolI'm starting to understand why people who are older, like older than my parents (and in some cases the same age) are having such a hard time keeping up, while they where busy with kids and families technology blossomed and passed them by if they did not make en effort to get to know about it.

  6. As for the blogs backing up in your head.... keep a notebook, say, a little one in your purse, the one you use for grocery lists, so you'll just write down a sentence or couple of phrases... This helps me to type it up and post it when I get the chance. Good advice - don't write it in a shorthand that you can't decipher later!