Saturday, August 18, 2007

Help! I need somebody! Help! Not just anybody...

Cleaning house is good. I found my Beatles Anthology cd's. I did not realize how much I missed them. and I did miss them. I have been subjecting my children to John, Paul, George and Ringo all day. I do think they might think I'm crazy... I suppose I should get used to it, they will think I'm a nut sooner or later.

Anthology 1 Anthology 2

And with the advent of Ebay, finding the third set is no longer practically impossible!!

Mwa ha ha!!!!!

Whenever i hear HELP! I think of the Beatles cartoon; I can still see the animated Ringo being spun around really fast. I wonder there are any bits of that show on youtube...

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  1. You can find just about anything on YouTube. Some of it is even worth watching. :-)

  2. I don't own the anthologies, I have "whole" albums (CDs now that it's the 21st c). You can't go wrong with buying a whole album...They're just too good. Check the track listings on amazon and see if the majority of the last one comes from just a couple of CDs (which you can pick up used on the cheap). My nieces (5 & 8) know Beatles songs that I don't remember. It's eerie in a way but between me and my brother, we had to see it coming. Their (Beatles, mostly Paul's writing) was so diverse, really. I'd say, "They don't get credit enough" but everyone knows the Beatles. It's just casual listeners know the big hits and their stuff goes all over the place. I bet you'd like the stuff you don't recognise, too. : )

  3. I have to really desperately want to see something from youtube to wait for it, since I'm on dial-up, but there are things that are worth the wait time. This would be one of them, I dont know anyone but my siblings who remember the Beatles cartoon.

  4. I'm missing 3 like I said, I'll be hunting it up first, then I'll be hunting other album's on cd up. My brother has them all, and I know there is stuff on those I know from my "youth" listening to them with my brother.. but for now the anthologies make me very happy :)