Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's over and we didn't do anything...

or so it seems. Summer is over, the kids go to school next Thursday, and we did not do all those things we where going to do over the summer. granted one of my thoughts was to goecache in our area, and I didn't get a hold of a gps unit so we could do that. maybe next summer we can. plus I really did not want to drive anywhere I really didn't have to.  Mostly, the kids have been playing inside and outside, and just being kids. I feel like  that really is enough. They should get to just be kids for the summer, but the worried mommy niggle wonders if the summer reading program was enough mental stimulation, should we have done more? flash cards hand writing practice, counting and basic addition... This is not me.. I dont know where that demon worried mommy niggle came from, but I'm not a worrywart-competitive-my child is smarter than yours kinda girl, and I dont want to be..

... I'm the first to admit that even though I think my kids are the cutest in the world,  I'm obviously biased and rightly so.. they are mine, I should think they are the cutest and the best, even when they drive me crazy. That is what it is to be the Mommy.

But this paranoia that maybe we should have  been homeschooling for the summer and doing more than we did? what is this? I spent my summers playing outside, going to the local pool, and later sprinkling in summer camp and I LOVED it. why would I think it wasn't enough for my kids to have the same freedom? maybe its the lack of water time? we lived at a lake until I was almost 5 then we lived down the street from the pool, I have been able to swim ever since I can remember, and I have always been comfortable in the water or above it in a boat. We barely went swimming this summer.  and that bothers me.  I want a pool in my yard, big enough for the kids to learn to be comfortable in the water. and big enough to have friends over... (it just takes money right?)  maybe if I start digging a swimming hole in the pasture now I'll be half done by the first frost....   LOL

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  1. I've just today stumbled upon your blog, and I'm adding you as a neighbor purely on the basis of the unadulterated love I sense that you have for your children. How refreshing. Good on ya'!

  2. Thank You, popped over to look at your vox, love the latest work, it recognize that moment.