Sunday, October 14, 2007

QotD: Halloween Costume Prep

Have you figured out what your (or your kids') Halloween costume will be this year?  What's it going to be?

After months of telling me they want to be last years costumes,which can be seen here.  And which need tune-ups, they changed their minds entirely. They both want to be tractors.Green John Deere Tractors.

Wish me LUCK!! I haven't puzzled out exactly how to make tractors yet.

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  1. i remember the costumes you made last year. they were incredible. your talent will not fail you this year either, i'm sure! i'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. i guess you're going to start surfing the net for some good john deer tractor, photos, eh?i still loved the mater outfit you made last year. my daughter would be in heaven if she had that one! her favourite disney characters are from pixar cars.

  2. Thank You!! the hardest thing last year was finding enough boxes to use.. and here again its raining or I could dumpster dive.. LOL

  3. Thank You for saying such nice things, I hope the kids like what I can concoct this year!Mater was much simpler than the semi.. and sturdier too. when she's ready to be mater I'll send you some better pictures :)

  4. With our kids having outgrown Halloween (except the youngest), I can now offer to the world the secret costume idea that was just too hard to do... each part of a Happy Meal. But you have to have 3 to 4 kids, and they have to stay together.

  5. That would be loads of fun to make, but exhausting I think. three kids would be perfect the adult could be the box... LOL I have a friend with three kids maybe I'll suggest it to her. We dont have any good costume contests around here anymore.. but the happy meal would be a great group costume, I'd be the box and let hubby be the drink.. LOL