Thursday, October 11, 2007

would you like a blood sample too?

I have a mild cold, and since I usually suffer seasonal allergies during all four seasons, I use psudephedrine when claratin alone doesn't cover it.

I ran out and needed more. I would have bought dayquil for the cold, but they changed the formula because of the circus act that is now required to purchase products with phuedophedrine in them. It is a 30 minute ordeal to buy decongestant. When you have a cold and a sinus headache that 30 minutes is a serious pain in the sinuses.

No matter what size box you buy, you can only buy one box. So, if they are out of everything but the box of 12 brand name sudafed that sells for an arm and a leg you are just hosed you can only buy that 1 box, and then you have to buy more later (like days later). If everyone in your house is sick at once and you run out of all medications? you are just seriously hosed. (I guess you could take the kids' cold medicine)

Next they will want a blood sample and a urine dip when you try to purchase psuedophedrine. Frankly, I think it might take less time.

I have news for the government , anyone who wants to cook meth will find a way around all these safe guards, they always do.  always. All that this accomplishes is making people who actually need medicine crazy. I think the only chance they have of halting this is to actually made inert anhydrous ammonia, and I'm hoping if/when they actually do figure it out  they will dispense with the dog and pony show required to buy decongestant. But I dont believe they will.

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