Saturday, October 6, 2007

Its 90F in my kitchen...

And so using the oven is out of the question. Nah, I'm not upset that I can cook or bake.. I dont care much for either.

But I can't clay, and its really getting on my nerves. I just had a birthday and my Mom and Dad got me three books in a polymer clay sculpture series. Cute whimsical things, Dragons, Jungley things and Under the Sea, all incorporate cool claying techniques and wiring in gems and beads.

 I wanted the Jungle one badly, It has an adorable tree frog in it I want to make for my Mother (yep the same one who gave me the book as a gift)  I have the blue clay to make her a blue frog. (A blue frag as in the song " I'm in love with a big Blue frog...") I successfully left the Jungle book at home last weekend so I could show her the cool stuff in the other books without giving her a hint about the frog.... I'm sneaky aren't I?

Her birthday is the 19th, plenty of time to play if the temp would drop. Except, the temperature will not drop and its too hot to clay, Plus, we are having my Brother's Birthday party tomorrow, and My sister in law thought we should just throw Mom's in there too.... Cries.. I so wanted to have this done...

And my hands itch, literally to play with clay and try some of the cool things in my new books. (I have two other books too, bought with birthday money.) There are so many things to try!! When I read the books my hands actually itch with wanting to do something creative.

I had to curb the need somehow... and Thursday a thought flew though my head.. a random chance thought. I have a friend who is due in a few days.. and feels like she could give birth any second.  We were talking about keeping babies warm in carseats with blankies and snowsuits and all that. I remember the car seat cover being so much easier than a snowsuit, and I felt safer too not so much bulk in there than you couldn't find the baby to be sure they would not slip out of the snowsuit and the buckles in an accident. For the second of my boys I made a polar fleece cover, the kind they laid in and you could zip closed around them.  once in the car we could unzip it after the car warmed up.  their legs stayed covered in it and they wore a little jacket on top with a hat and mittens. It was a good setup, no baby needs to have on a snowsuit and three blankets when we only need a normal coat on.  (I'm off track, sorry)

So I offered to make a cover for my friend, I have some lovely periwinkle blue polar fleece, I have had it for awhile and I have only used a little. (I am trying to use and not hoard so much stuff) And I offered the little coat my boys wore, its a cute little navy blue fleece jacket, with a red checkered inside and a cute hat.

 Then I started to think.... I'm so dangerous when I think.... I was thinking a little girl should have a girly little coat, not a navy blue boy's hand me down.  So I took my piece of periwinkle polar fleec to the store and picked out  a cute floral piece of fabric to match it.  And I set my itchy hands to work.....

And I feel much better.....

Much Much better. I hope she likes it!

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