Friday, April 6, 2007

birds of a feather

For a little bit now I've been putting my creative energies into learning some new Polymer clay techniques, I'm in love with the mokume gane technique the way it blend colors is just really darn cool, once I have made a sheet I like I have been using that to make origami cranes, and thus far I have a small flock of them..

Conversly,  this is my husband's "flock". Last Sunday he went to Farm King for car parts and returned with 5 little black chicks. They have been named and they are not food. There are three females and two males. They are supposed to be good laying chickens. What role the males will be playing in our lives is unclear. the females are already more personable, if you put your hand in near them they hop on and settle down for a nap.

One of the females has two bald spots on her back, maybe from getting stuck to her shell while hatching, and sh'e a touch smaller than everyone else. She has been names Rachel, in honor of the pet house chicken that a crazy lady I worked for in Pennsylvania owned. (No chickens can't be house broken the darn bird deficated wherever she was, including sitting on the couch watching tv with you.)

This Rachel chicky will be an outside Rachel chicky. But isn't she cute.... :)

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  1. This is truly very beautiful, I wish I could see that in person. Perfectly adorable.

  2. The cranes are beautiful. And the chicks are pretty cute too.