Tuesday, April 3, 2007

QotD: Here's A Tip For Ya

What's your best tax tip?

Pay them,

and dont let your accountant do anything that doesn't seem 100% above board like depreciate your car as a business vehicle just because you have used it for business errands once or twice. This will bite you square in the butt.

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  1. Yeah, accountants are pretty crafty. I always insist on being really honest. I'm too afraid of audit. Comes from a scary accounting background.

  2. Funny you said this, I saw that a lot of Jackson Hewitt (tax agencies), were being shut down all over the place. I have used them at least 3 years to get my taxes done. Uh oh do I smell an audit.

  3. If I had known then..... I didn't realize he was depreciating the whole thing.. and that it wasn't a % or anything... it never occurred to me he'd do something that would bite us in the butt either... The worst was we got penalized but he got nothing. no penalty, he never even apologized.