Friday, March 30, 2007


I have not been shooting many pictures lately, because I could not locate the charger to my camera... The reason I could not locate it is because I am a flighty, creative, packrat. I get in a creative mood doing something and to make room to do it I move things out of the way and inevitably bury something important. Apparently the important thing was the charger more than a month ago.

Now it is found and the peasants can rejoice and I can charge my camera batteries!!

I have been not taking pictures so as not to deplete my battery entirely and it has been very frustrating. I feel a strange and overly dramatic sense of relief.

I'm odd, I know it.. I'm ok with it.

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  1. Sounds like you love your camera, as much as I love mine. Glad you found your charger.. snap away...

  2. Happy to hear that you found your charger.

  3. Thank You both. I've felt a little stunted... If I use up all my battery power now? what will I do at Easter??I feel better.. I need to go take a picture of the little blue flowers invading my yard.