Saturday, March 3, 2007

What I have so far...

These are the first ones I've tried,  the pictures aren't very good, and the little bugger is not glazed yet.

The one I think is the best, he does have a bubble in one wing and I couldn't get his body to puff out.

And here is the group, all but the very first two.. they were cracked on all the fold lines so I mushed them back up rather than backing them.

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  1. the large one is 5" wing span and tip to tail, the smallest color one is 2 1/4" wing span.The technique for blending the clay colors is new to me so it was an experiment in how to do that. I'm missing a ripple blade so what I got out of the experiment was a different result than the instructions I followed but I liked the result. So I decided to use it to make the cranes. The lady whose work has inspired me to give the cranes a try is Judy Dunn her work is HERE She makes some amazing "paper" to work her cranes.

  2. These are great! I can see why they’re your new obsession. What kind of clay would you use for these?

  3. Polymer Clay, the colored ones here are a mix of Fimo polymer Clay colors.. But there are other polymer clay brands, the white birds are Scuply original. Scuply makes Scuply III, and Premo clay. And there is a newer brand out there called Kato Clay, by a gal named Donna Kato, who was the clay artist for (I think) Sculpy, and brnched off to start a new company. I think there is also Makins? but I've never seen it only heard of it. SculpyIII and Fimo are the most readily available.

  4. Thanks... I thouhght the coloured ones looked like Fimo but I couldn’t pinpoint the white ones. It’s been years since I’ve dabbled with clay... looks like fun.

  5. In my last lengthy post I retraced my Clay history.. its a media that has really boomed.. there are some fantastic Clay artists and they share a wealth of great info .. Unlike when I was first dabbling in it and there was no Internet for all, nor was there colored clays yet! If you are interested I'll forward a few sites I've found.