Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Autumn is really gone...

It all held on so long here this year.

We had that crazy heat wave, many trees did not turn in early October like usual. This year rather than a rush to be naked, the trees seemed to take time letting each leaf turn to full glory before finally letting it go,  they lingered languidly. There was no cold snap to push a hasty color change, and there was no crazy rain or wind storm to rip the leaves from their moorings prematurely.  The trees changed slowly, the color blending together, and the leaves clinging to the trees until the last possible moments. For weeks the clear yellows, bright scarlets, and rusty oranges mingled with the mauve burgundies  and   tawny caramels.  I think every autumn is spectacular, I love the crisp air, and the leaves turning into a riot of colors and falling into the windy dance of autumn. This year was extra special, the long drawn out color that held on until Thanksgiving. Even now there are a few bushes in town, that are clinging to a few scarce leaves.

Winter is here. The air is no longer crisp, it is biting cold, and more often than not the ground is frozen and so are the water troughs. We have already had a small snow,  it was wet cold and beautiful. And we have had an ice storm, it was cold windy and scary.  Plus we are expecting a little snow today, an inch or two. I feel it this year. The Christmas Spirit. I feel it in the air, it is almost tangible. I don't have any idea what presents I'm getting anyone, nor do I have the money to get them yet, but it doesn't matter. I feel the spirit in the air.

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