Sunday, August 20, 2006

QotD: My First Car

Tell us a little something about your first car.  Do you have any photos you can share? 
Submitted by tamara.

Hmm.. first car that I bought? was a small black two door plymouth horizon... had a "moon roof" and a small faux hood scoop so it was like the poor mans sports car...  It took me a long time to remember what that car was... what i think of as my first car was the four door silver Plymouth horizon that i drove to college and then after i bought the black car I drove the silver one when I went back to college. (My Dad was afraid the black one wouldn't make the 4 hour drive to school. then after that my Dad kept the black car and i kept the silver one.. so when I got married the car went with me.  That is what I think of as my first car.... I'll have to look for a picture of it.

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