Monday, August 28, 2006

Favorite Scenes

I think it is quite telling what a persons favorite scenes in movies are...

My favorite scenes in the last two movies I have watched are actually a couple of single line deliveries.

My favorite Scene in this movie is whan the Teams and the Cut List are posted after try-outs for the League, and after everyone else has sat down with their team, there is one player, Shirley (Ann Cusack) still looking at the lists. The Manager asks her if she is on a team or on the cut list.. and she looks sad, confused and on the verge of tears, when Helen (Anne Ramsay) jumps up from sitting with everyone else and asks her  "can you read honey?" when Shirley says no, Helen helps her find her name.  It really does bring tears to my eyes everytime, It was a small act of kindness, but it gets me everytime... Its followed closely for favorite scene by Kit and Dottie refusing to keep going with the scout if he doesn't take Marla.





In this movie my favorite Scene really is one line, delivered by Prince Edward, "Your men love you, if I knew nothing else about you that would be enough." I like the whole scene int eh stocks.. but that line makes the scene for me.. and defines Prince Edward for me. My other favorite scenes are actually the joust against Prince Edward, when he knows who he is and the joust against him when he doesnt.

Oddly enough this movie is the only context in which I like the song "low rider" why I even like in this movie I dont know.. must have something to do with the training scenes being fun to watch. *shrug*

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