Thursday, August 31, 2006

All the "Smart" I felt the other day is gone.....

On Tuesday I took the passenger side door of my '92 Blazer apart because the power window would not roll up....

I tried to help it along by having my son press the botton while I pulled up on the window in the hope we would get past the "sticking point". When that did not work i called my husband .. who really didnt know what to tell me from 2000 miles away, but said when he got home he'd have to take the door apart and look at it. So there I was faced with duct tape and plastic... or take the door apart myself. So I called my husband back and asked just how the does the door come apart? armed with a screw driver, a socket set and one last nerve, I began dismantling the door. Really it wasn't difficult, I have dismantled lots of things. I figure if I can take it apart and i pay attention to where everything is as I do so, then chances are I can put it back together. (Bear in mind I have a healthy dose of engineering and mechanically inclined genetics coursing through my bloodstream) So I took the nicey nice panel off the door, revealing the metal guts... and the window mechanism... after some trial and error I finally spotted the problem.. the window jumped the track on the front.

So after some swearing under my breath, and another call to my husband to see if his best friend  could come over by any chance and help me put the window back into the track, it occured to me how the window jumped the track and how to put it back.  When I put the window down  and it stopped working correctling it went down at a funny angel, back too hight front low.. and due to the shape of the window at this time the window did not fill the track and the front popped out...  i removed the window from the clamp that holds it to the  little piece of track that the roller rides in that is attached to the arm, that attaches to the gear that drives the arm up and down that opens and shuts the window. I tilted the window , mauvered it back into the track and then slid it all the way up and shut, securing it with a piece or wire for a moment. Then i checked to see that the arm had its full range of movement back, and proceeded to put everything back together.

Voila! the door is fixed



But today, I cannot get these photo tiles to work correctly so I can complete the orders I have for them. All the smart I felt on Tuesday is gone and I am terribly frusterated.

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