Thursday, August 3, 2006

morbid fascination

So, I still have the preying mantis and I have developed a morbid fascination with the beastie..  I can feed him things that bother me.. (providing I can catch them)  Yesterday and today  it has eaten 5 flies and 2 moths and one cricket. Since its capture, ten days ago? eleven? it has slipped its skin once. Very cool... and now it has little wing buds... I'm assuming those will grow longer, how long should depend on whether it is male or female. It does have a boken leg, when it slipped its skin the lower third of of one of the hind legs stayed in the skin.  Early this spring there was a little green mantis in one of our windows inside, and I wonder if it was this one, it was much smaller then. I took a picture of the little greenie.. but no picture of this one yet. I think i might get to it today.

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  1. sweet! You should post some pictures of your new little green pet.

  2. I'll try to take some today :)
    Its actually brown.. the green one I have pics of was living in a window this spring... I wish I'd have done a little research then and captured that one too.