Thursday, August 3, 2006

the beyond addictive vox coloring contest


Oh my.. I could be cleaning the house.... but I'm not. Do you think my husband will buy the excuse that I was entering the vox coloring contest?




So this is what I have come up with I made the peachy loking sunset first then the "reverse" of it. I think I like the first better..










Then I just started playing with any picture I had... this  picture i took so i could play!


 the stripes where a new adventure for me.. I have a bunch of digital scrapbook pappers.. but i hadn't ever tried to make my own.. I feel so smart and so stupid.. it was so easy, why didn't i try it before now?



I love the filmstrip but coding it so people could add their own pictures to it could be a nightmare.. ( I dont code what do I know)  and the autumn leaf.. I was thinking seasonal themes would be fun...

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  1. Where did you find the time to come up with all of these? They all look great, but I have fallen in love with voxautumn’s colors.

  2. TY!

    I made myself a working template in Photoshop.. so I could just plug stuff into it :) and most of the coloring is pictures I have taken that I adjusted in PS to look less like photos.. :)