Thursday, August 17, 2006

It was Drama and Ka-flop

Every other website I frequent for any other reason lately has had some bit of drama lately. People claiming pictures as theirs when they aren't, people missing, policy changes accounced at a bad time, asking for feedback the powers that be didnt really want. and I have read pages upon pages of it.. and I'm done.. no I didnt finish I give.. It isnt worth my time or effort to read through and stress about things i dont control.

Breathe Deep, Seek Peace.

I have no energy to write about anything and the QotD didnt seem to inpire much out of me....


Update on the great Chimney Swift Rescue, the chimney is much quieter for the last day and a half I expect the bigger babies have flown the nest and the lone voice I can still hear is the youngest baby, who is not ready to leave just yet. When he goes I'll have to remove the nest and fix the damper. or I'll go to light a fire this fall and there will be all kinds of entertainment.


There must be something in the alignment of the planets or somesuch the kids are just picking on each other like nobodies business.... I'm thinking I'll ship them to Canada.. Large boxes with air holes marked "Live Animals" ...  (no I wouldn't really, so stop thinking you should call the child welfare office) I just want to use the bathroom without a child hunting me down for that 90 seconds...

Still no decent picture of the praying Mantis.. I have tried a few times and I guess i'm just not going to get one, the bugger moves everytime I get her in focus, and she is so long I cant get all of her in focus. This would not be too big a deal if everytime I got her face in focus she didnt move so all I had was a leg.  Maybe I will try again today, but I have a few other projects i'm tinkering with the last couple days.


Like this picture and some of its friends for a group to use as postcards and such. I was trying to think of something crafty to do with it to use in a gifty manner for a few people.. but i'm so very out of ideas lately.

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  1. you know what? Someone actually stole my wordpress blog this week! Images, posts EVERYTHING! They even stole my customized myspace profile that I spent HOURS on! so weird. Some people are just weird.

  2. people are just strange.... so their myspace was actually yourspace? lol.. that is just well.. odd...