Saturday, August 19, 2006

I would leave my husband in a heartbeat if....

...Orlando/Harrison/Mel/Tom/Sean/Johnny/Whoever showed up at my door. 

This sentiment has always bugged the hell out of me.... I have always wondered what the "husband" thinks in this case.. Does he laugh it off and think I know all your secrets and trust me Orlando would not put up with your habits.... or  hey if Harrison wants you he can have you! Or does the "husband" sit down and think gee.. what if Mel really showed up at the door.. would she leave?  Or does it just hurt their feelings, but they wont admit it?

And frankly.... why would Orlando/Harrison/Mel/Tom/Sean/Johnny/Whoever want to marry an obsessed fan who wasn't capable of seeing them as anything but a glossy magazine cover......

Hollywood worship and obbsession has always bugged me a bit, but this sentiment above all actually bugs me most, and frankly it scares me when someone utters it in my presence.  Maybe is has to do with being out of touch with reality...  or maybe it has to do the obvious selfishness of the statement..  I dont know.... really I dont know.

I wouldn't even break a lunch date with my husband for Josh Groban.. now.. he'd be welcome to tag along and meet my hubby... but really...  sorry dear it was Josh.. and well you, you are just my husband...

*shakes head and wonders*

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  1. Oh god, you are so spot on with this. I've been married for 5 years as of 9 days ago (!) and while we are a relaxed couple, I would never ever say that I would leave my husband for X celebrity. if Hugh Jackman showed up at my door and wanted to ravish me, though...*wink*

  2. LOL.. I get the all in good fun joking with my husband... but i dont get the people who seriously say those things!!

    My husband and I joke about our little one being a mini-josh bc he has brown hair and it was curly for so long.. but it is a joke between him and I & I dont think I could let that be an inside joke with someone else..