Sunday, July 27, 2008

In the past two days I have taken 575 phots...

The first 500 where taken of Caterpillar tractors and big earth movers. (and a few flowers at church this morning.)

The other 75 I took of my friend and her husband and their 9 month old baby girl, my God- Daughter. My friend was a collage of casual family shots and wanted to do some thing like it.

here are the ones we liked the best.

Maybe I'll get around to uploading some shots of the big machines tomorrow...

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  1. hey they look good it's great when they relax in front of the camera ( kids do but adults can freeze up) well done! seeya hugya *G*

  2. My friend doesn't have a problem relaxing, and she keeps her hubby distracted while I shot, so he forgets we are torturing him. :)

  3. love the work that you did! and i know who your friend is - i am so unbelievably happy for her that her and her hubby have been blessed with such a beautiful little girl. but can you do me a favour? can you please tell her that i miss her on vox? :)

  4. :) Thank You for the compliments. :) I'll be sure to direct her to this post! :)