Monday, November 20, 2006

QotD: Tasty Thanksgiving Treat

What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
Submitted by Brennan.

the stuffing, without a doubt.. we only have it at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We don't make it any other time.. and besides its not the same if it isn't cooked in the bird...

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  1. I'm nuts about the stuffing, too. This year, we're going to try making the stuffing outside of the gobble. Apparently, it dries the bird out. You have to bake it longer than necessary, to fully cook stuffing, making for dry gobble. We'll see. It's a radical move for us. Just picked up our beautiful Diestel bird today! ohboy,ohboy,ohboy...

  2. "and besides its not the same if it isn't cooked in the bird..."Very true.

  3. I think for the last 10 years (at least) my Mom has cooked the bird in an oven bag.. and you have to really try to make something dry out in an oven bag, they are nifty little suckers... I get to make the pies this year.... I'll be doing that on Wednesday or early Thursday morning as Dinner will be in the evening this year... I'd love to slip cocoa in them all because I love pumpkin with chocolate.. but I think I might be the only one! but chocolate chip pumpkin bread.. I'm hungry.