Wednesday, November 22, 2006

QotD: Childhood Frights

What were you afraid of as a child that seems silly to you now?
Submitted by navelgazer.

I was afraid  if you sat on the toilet when you flushed it that it would suck you down.

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  1. I am still sketchy about toilet seats. Public toilet seats are out of the question. (It's a good thing my quads are so strong).

  2. lol.. I think I gave up on the fear of public restrooms.. after you use the latrines at camp for most of your childhood public restrooms lose their fear factor!

  3. That is a legitimate childhood fear. 'Cuz I saw it on Mister Rogers. He had a little talk about it and explained that your body wouldn't go down the toilet (or the bathtub drain, for that matter). *nods*

  4. it was worse because the toilet was a bolt to the wall kind.. i also thought it would break off the wall if I sat on it at night... (but only at night mind you like my 3 or 4 year old butt was extra heavy at night)