Monday, November 6, 2006

QotD: My Dream Career

What's your dream career? 
Submitted by Something.

I dont have one... really, there isn't anything I want to do more than mother my children,  and I dont veiw Motherhood as a career, because that is such a narrow word for something so important. and so really no dream career.. I hear one of you saying what if you didnt have kids? then I'd be spending my time waiting for them.. I'd find a job I enjoy or go back to school....


ok... the closest thing to a dream carreer for me? proffessional student.. let me go to class and grade the teachers.. I'd love to do that....  but chances are no one will offer me that job... and if it interfered with being Mom... I wouldnt take it...

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  1. If I could stay home and somehow make a living raising my two boys, I’d do it in a heartbeat.--steelie

  2. Its a wonderful place to be, home with the kids.. they grow so fast... I feel like I am missing it as I watch it sometimes.
    It's a very validating feeling to "hear" a father say they would stay home, You are not the first one I have heard, but I dont think Women (or society in general) realize how many men would stay home with the kids given the chance.