Thursday, October 5, 2006

so... why dont we at least compare apples to apples

I received an email the other day witht he title of "dont buy it" all about the USPS releasing a muslim Christmas stamp this holiday season. The picture of the stamp is a blue stamp with gold design, islamic script? in the shape of a triangle(i think). The email goes on to complain about the Ten Commandments not being allowed on any federal buildings. The Originator of the email has failed to notice that for how many years the Blessed Virgin Mother and the Christ Child have graced US Postage at Christmas Time, as has St. Nicholas. (Whether or not everyone veiws him as a religious figure there are many who do.) And it seems they have also forgotten that the USPS issues Hannukah stamps.  I'd like to tell you the email didn't go on, but it did reminding us of how many Muslim bombings have terrorized our country. (I wont list them here) Apparently we are back to blaming the entire Muslim community for the acts of a zealous few; while we are at it lets blame all teh Catholics for the acts or a few radical prolifers, or maybe we could still hold a grudge against the jews for crucify-ing Christ.....


Lets take away everybodies Chistmas/Hannukah/Holiday/Seasonal Stamps..  better yet lets outlaw stamps all together.



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  1. Or USPS could be privatized. Or those who oppose the USPS could use a competitors service. I do hate those e-mails though. Or the ones where you have to send the e-mail to atleast 4 other people and something good will happen to you.

  2. i hate spam email. chainletters, really.but it's this type of attitude that spreads more ignorance, intolerance and discrimination/racism in a world where we need to really find commonality to keep us together.

  3. I have been trying to respond to this... but I seem to only get a cursor in any type box about 10% of the time or less :P
    I have tried looking up all those emails on and then sending the link to those that are fiction, or outdated like the ether perfume sample thing and expired missing persons and stuff.. but it seems the forwarders dont get that subtle hint to look it up before they send it... lol
    and I detest the whole chain email if you dont send this back you dont love me... wah wah..... stuff .. I always want to send it back with "if you forward to me again it means you dont love me"
    But I dont mind "getting to know you" questionaires I wish I would think to reply before they are all 3 months old though :P

    and this kind of half truth anywhere irritates me... I dont know why we have to spend so much time harrasing each other on religious differences issues and blaming entire groups for the mistakes a a few members.....