Thursday, October 5, 2006

QotD: My Ambitious Wish List


What are 5 things you'd like to accomplish in the next 5 years?


 I've been thinking about this one since I first read it, I'm not very good at making goals and plans  that fall into a middle range.. I'm good with short term; this week or month... and long term.. I want to raise happy healthy kids..  but 5 years? I'm not good with that what do you see yourself doing in 5 years or 10 years... but I'll give it a shot..

1.Debt-free. The Business and the Personal Finances ... save the house, maybe a car loan and a loan on a truck.... but no credit cards... at least no running balances..we have so learned our lesson on those.. and that lesson just keeps biting us in the butt.


2.I'd like to have a dslr nice camera nice lenses and enough of a small business on the side to support my own habit. I like to  photograph kids and I'd like to be good at it so I could give to others those same special pictures I have of my own kids where I look at them and think that is so Ian or that is so Jamie

3. to be honest I'd like the computer to keep up with the photography.... I dont want to be irritated that the computer is 5+ years old and slower than molasses in winter

4.I'd like to have a few things done on the property, there are alot of very longterm projects.. but I'd like to convert the corn crib into a barn, and have our fence in the process of being redone...we will have to replace it a peice at a time.. but in 5 years I'd like to think we would have started....

5. In 5 years I'd like to have enough of a comfortable income to have a 15th anniversary party.. and invite every person I know and not worry about what it would set us back.. just have a good time. I'd like to have a Tenth Anniversary party in May.. but I dont know that it will happen... and fitting back into my wedding dress would be such a bonus.. but I think that is goal #6


Well I guess once I got started it wasn't as hard as I thought....

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