Thursday, October 19, 2006

QotD: My Earliest Memory

What is your earliest memory? 
Submitted by Megan.

While I cant think of one single earliest memory, all of the Easrliest memories are from living in my Grandparents house on the lake. They are varied memories, among them sitting on the dock next to my dad's tackle box and can of beer while he fished and sneaking a few drinks while he wasnt looking. Sitting on the green/brown/tan mottled carpet watching tv,  (Mickey Mouse Club, Land of the Lost, Danger Will Robinson)reruns on Saturday mornings maybe? I remember Dad rowwing us across the lake to the beach to swim. swimming in the lake in summer... skating on it in winter... 

I remember the day Mom came in the house crying and was too upset to answer me when I asked what was wrong. That was the day the dog was run over by the schoolbus.

And I remember one day when my dad was going to the grocery store for bread and milk and I wanted to go too, but I dont think he heard me say it... My sister helped me rush to get my shoes and socks on , only to get out the door after Dad was down the drive. I was crushed.

I remember my mom always seemed to be in the kitchen, and I would sit  at the kitchen table and color or draw.

There is more, but I'll have to add it later.

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely childhood. Fishing and swimming with your dad is a great earliest memory. My earliest memory is eating pebbles at the beach aged less than one year old. I can still taste them although I have no clear image of the beach itself.

  2. I had a wonderful childhood.. That is just what I remember earliest before we moved. and if I think hard about it that is just a drop in the bucket :)

    I also remember my bedroom window overlooked the driveway and if we had a babysitter I stayed up until my parents returned because I felt cheated if I didn't get a goodnight kiss from both.